Olivia Reads!!

We L-O-V-E love reading in this house. I’ve been reading to the kids since before they were born. It was very important to me to foster a love of reading. All of my kids love to read and be read to.

Olivia’s been “reading” books for a while now; she memorizes them and can recite what’s on each page. But recently she’s been actually reading! She does much better when it is words in isolation; sentences are still pretty difficult for her. But she’s getting there! At school they’ve been working on pointing to the words as she says them to help her learn to truly read.

Here’s a video of Olivia reading “What Will the Fat Cat Sit On?” to her kindergarten buddy (how cool is that?) and to her aide, Mrs. D. If you listen really closely, at about minute 2 of reading to her aide, right after the chicken part, she takes a break to fart. Classy lady, my girl. Hey, she has two brothers, what can I say? It made me laugh til my stomach hurt. Especially because she looks at Mrs. D like “Did you hear that?” and Mrs. D just keeps on going. That’s why I love her teachers so.

The video is really long but just in case you wanted to see her read the whole book, I left the whole thing on there. If you just want a snippet, you can quit after a minute or so…I won’t ever know! 😉



14 responses to “Olivia Reads!!

  1. awesome! (the reading AND the farting…lol) you are very fortunate to have such amazing teachers that work with her. many of the special needs teachers in my area are sorely lacking….. there are only a couple who really work with the kids and care about them. count your blessings on that one, girl! i love seeing your videos of olivia’s accomplishments…..it’s so wonderful to see all the things she is doing!

  2. You’re right! That was a riot! (the passing gas part!)

    I will replay this for my little guy later so Olivia will be reading to him! I can’t wait to see his reaction!

    Way to go Olivia! You keep on reading, girl!!!

  3. And… it’s so true that it appears that you have exceptional teachers working with her. I don’t see this happening over here.

  4. I’ll have to admit…the fart part is pretty funny!

    Nice Job Olivia!

  5. Haha…that is a riot! The farting part that is. 🙂

    And the reading part, she reads fast! I am impressed.

  6. For some reason the video isn’t showing up for me? But I’d be laughing at the fart, too!

  7. Way to go Olivia! She reads much better than many of the students I’ve had the same age in Title I, who don’t have any “disabilities”. Every video I watch of her amazes me! You are very lucky that you have such great intervention specialists.

  8. I love when children discover words. Way to go Olivia! A super high five to her.

  9. I could mention how fantastic Olivia is doing,
    Or I could mention how awesome her teachers are…

    But I have to mention how I laughed out loud at 6AM listening to her fart! So cute!

  10. Wow, I am loving all of these videos, but this one is by far my favorite! I love how she can read, and fart! Gracie does the same thing about her farts, always laughs about it. Keep the videos coming!

  11. This is just precious. And the fart is priceless! She does live with a lot of boys! This is a great video. Her teachers seem amazing – hooray for all of you!

  12. Brought tears to my eyes.

  13. Farts are always funny.
    I guess that’s why I teach 5th grade. : )
    Her reading is AMAZING. So cute.

  14. I am so happy for Olivia! What an accomplishment!

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