Olivia’s Day Part I

Imagine giving birth to your firstborn and then, four days later, hearing that she’ll most likely die or be a vegetable. Imagine feeling hopeless and scared and devastated. Imagine deciding right then and there that you would fight for her to make sure she would be all that she could be.

Then imagine her going to school. Having friends. Typing her name and spelling words on the computer. Eating lunch with friends. Playing at recess. Getting off the bus by herself. Taking off and hanging up her coat. Being part of the class. Washing her hands.

Little, mundane things to most…huge monumental milestones to us. I have enjoyed making these videos to share because it allows me to see the details of her day. It’s very emotional for me to watch because I have so much pride for my little girl and how far she’s come. To see her putting in her own headphones and washing her hands by herself and being part of a classroom is a true treasure.



9 responses to “Olivia’s Day Part I

  1. Your videos make me tear up everytime – all of our children are blessing 🙂 Plus, we have the BEST school system, don’t we?!?!?!??!

  2. You are so beautiful and brave, my friend. I am proud of Olivia, but also proud of you.

  3. Wonderful! I second TKW’s comment.

  4. Tiff,
    I can’t even imagine…You make it look easy!
    My hats off to ALL OF YOU!!!
    Mr. Clean

  5. I needed this today! Thanks for making the little things in life that I worry about fade away when I read these posts!

  6. Sending high fives to Olivia and to you too Tiffany. I enjoyed the video clip. Such tremendous strides and I know your whole family relishes in these milestone moments.

  7. Watching Olivia has made me feel so much better… we were having a poop-in-the-bathtub kind of day here.

  8. Priceless!

  9. If we all went into life loving all the little things, imagine what kind of world this would be.

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