Adding It Up

I’m a math teacher. I love math. I love teaching math.

Up until now? My daughter hated it.

I think she didn’t see any value in it. It wasn’t fun like reading, it wasn’t interesting like science. It was boring.

Until now. Olivia’s intervention specialist, Mrs. G., came up with a creative and fun way to do addition. Bulldozer Math!! Olivia has always had a really difficult time with 1:1 counting (where she picks up the object and counts it and stops at a certain number). It’s been on her IEP as a goal FOREVER. Well, folks, she’s finally doing it!!

You’ll notice in the video that Mrs. G is holding her hands. Olivia still needs help with using her fine motor skills. Wearing a fashionable outfit and a witty sense of humor? Yes. Holding a pencil to write her name? No. So Mrs. G still helps her pick them up and drop them. You’ll also notice that Olivia’s a bit distracted but then you’ll get to see Mrs. G’s patience of a saint!!

Mrs. G also noticed that Olivia does better with reading and such when the material is upright. She got these numbers over the summer and I think they’ve helped a ton. She also uses “bulldozer” because she knows Olivia loves that kind of thing. Then she rewards her with a silly voice which is another of Olivia’s favorites. She’s a genius, Mrs. G, I’m telling you!!

I’m thrilled that Olivia is using words such as “all together” and “equals” too because it shows true understanding of the concept and not just memorization. It was cute though during conferences when I asked Mrs. G to show this to me. She gave Olivia “1 + 2” and before they could go through the process, Olivia said “It’s 3!” She already knew it and was annoyed at having to show me such an “easy” one. I loved it.

Turn up your volume really loud because my girl talks really quiet. Mrs. G is working on having her say it “Loud and Proud” but we’re not quite there yet. Unless she’s calling her brothers stupid or poopy-head. Then she’s really loud.


14 responses to “Adding It Up

  1. She is doing great! What a sweet little voice. God bless the patient, wonderful teachers everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. WOW, impressive work! Loved seeing a kind, creative, personalized teaching approach. Loved seeing O’s skillz. These videos have been awesome…

  3. What a great video representation of just how great Olivia is doing and just how great her teacher is!

  4. I love seeing videos of Olivia. Would you have imagined when you heard her diagnosis that she would ever be doing Math?? Or Reading??? She is definitely showing that first pediatrician that she really didn’t know anything and that Olivia is AMAZING!

  5. This is great Tiffany. Teachers are so integral in fostering a love of learning for children.

  6. I LOVE seeing videos of Olivia too! WTG on the math! I love seeing the lightbulbs go off in our kids after so much work trying to get them to understand. I’ve got some videos of Kaia reading that I need to post. Just gotta get on it!

  7. This? Is all kinds of awesome. My Olivia has such a soft voice too, until she’s screeching at her sister, then she’s all kinds of loud. I love seeing the amazing things your girl is doing. Gives me much to look forward to from my girl.

  8. Wow. That’s just amazing. Wow.

  9. Way to go Olivia….that is AWESOME!!! I love her sweet little voice. Ella is like that too, unless she is yelling at me or Hunter : )

  10. I love that the teacher is so creative and really knows Olivia. That is a good teacher for sure.

  11. My name is Beth, and I am a friend of Beth Fogarty Seall’s. She told me about your blog, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
    This particular entry, as many of them do, brought a tear to my eye.
    What a lovely woman that teacher is, what a lovely girl your daughter is, and what an amazing mother and person you are!!

  12. I love hearing her talk – it gives me goosebumps every time! She’s awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

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