Dancing Queen

Olivia loves to dance. If there’s music on, she’s dancing. She has the best moves I’ve ever seen. But my favorite part of her dancing is that she doesn’t care who’s watching. She just goes and does her thing. I used to love to dance…in junior high, high school and college you could always find me on the dance floor. But now? There would have to be a lot of alcohol involved to get me on the dance floor. That’s why I love to watch Olivia dance. She doesn’t care.

We went to see the lights at the zoo and they have these trees that light up in sync with the music. Olivia loves them. She stands in front of the trees and dances her little heart out while the whole crowd watches. I also could watch Matt dance with her all night long. We have to stay until all of the songs are through. It was really cold so I was trying to get us moving after 3 songs and she said “No, Mama!! It’s not over yet!”

And she kept on dancing.

I love my girl.


10 responses to “Dancing Queen

  1. HA! I love that one with you in it – you can tell just how cold it is by your expression!

  2. What a wonderful moment! Precious!

  3. Ditto on Lindy’s comment! 😉

  4. And this, my friends, is what life is all about. Dance on.

  5. My Olivia loves to dance too. She’s always got a wiggle going. This morning she was playing drums on my mom’s tin canisters with her sister and O had such a little hip wiggle. It was awesome.

    Yes, we should all dance like no one is watching.

  6. Everyone should dance like Olivia. There isn’t a bottle of wine big enough for me but I wish I could dance like the kids.

  7. I LOVE it! I wish we didn’t care so much about what others think…..such a great way to be! Olivia and Ella need to have a dance party : )

  8. My oldest is a dancer, too, though she’s starting to catch on that not everyone dances whenever they hear music. Makes me a teeny bit sad. Okay, a lot sad.

    But she’ll still wear a hooded sweatsuit with a princess dress on top and a cowboy hat to the grocery store. And I hope she never loses that unique fashion sense. =>

  9. There’s not much sweeter than watching a child do something because it’s fun. We lose that as adults – we’re too focused on what others think. Way to go Olivia! She’s an awesome dancer 🙂

  10. Dance, love and laugh – like no one is watching. This is why children are so wonderful and refreshing.

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