When I first received Olivia’s diagnosis, I would have given anything to see video of an older child interacting with their family. Laughing, walking, talking…just being a kid. I’ve been wanting to post more video on here, but have been slacking. Until now!! I hope this will be the first of many video posts of Olivia. In this video you will see her being silly with her Dad and brothers (sorry about all of the barking in that part…our dogs go crazy if they think the kids are being hurt!), Olivia getting her Care Bears from Gabe and part of her sensory “diet” at school! You’ll notice when she’s getting brushed by Mrs. D that she shakes her head a bit and flaps her arms…that’s what she does when she’s excited or likes something!

Without further ado…Olivia Snippets! Thank you to Mrs. George (Olivia’s intervention specialist) and her aide, Mrs. D, for all of your help with this!! I hope you like it!


13 responses to “Snippets

  1. I love hearing her voice! What a great idea to share her with others 🙂

  2. Oh how I loved the video!!! I showed it to my family and my hubby looked at me and said that’s how our princess is going to be with a big smile on his face. She is so happy, it’s very comforting to see her in her natural environment.

  3. She is amazing!! I love how she kissed her Care Bears! I can’t wait to see more…

  4. I really think this was awesome of you and more than seeing and hearing her – I love hearing our encouraging YOU are!

  5. Great videos! What a wonderful way to give encouragement to families that have younger children with Cri du Chat. I have a feeling your blog is going to get REALLY big some day. I look forward to seeing more videos of Miss Olivia 🙂

  6. I really think this is great, Tiff! I hope you’ll be able to share it with others who are struggling, and wondering what their children will become as they grow. To see her interacting with joy and love–what a gift.

  7. I really loved watching this, Tiffany. What a joy to see her blooming under your loving care. You’ve come so far!!!

  8. Never underestimate the healing power of Care Bears … and the amazing strength of your sweet Olivia! =>

  9. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thank you for this! I loved hearing Olivia! I loved seeing her in action, too! THANK YOU!!!

  10. Tiffany…I am so comforted. Thank you! Much love to you and Olivia from Julia and me.

  11. You have a very special girl! 🙂

  12. That was great Tiffany! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Love this Tiffany. What a sweet little girl.

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