Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I feel as though I could do a thousand posts lately about all the amazing things Olivia is doing…so I’m making a list of posts to hold myself to it! She’s doing all sorts of new and exciting things and I can’t wait to share them with you. But, I need pictures and videos! So I’m working on it…without further ado…

Olivia riding her horse: she’s not just therapy riding anymore, she’s truly riding!

A typical week at school: I know when I first found out about her diagnosis, I would have LOVED to see what a typical day would look like.

A typical week at home: her favorite things, what her laugh sounds like, what her voice sounds like, her sense of humor…in video and pictures!

Olivia adding: need I say more! Her special ed teacher is amazing and has come up with an awesome way for her to do addition.

Olivia writing her name and coloring: this is super hard for her and she’s coming right along.

Her super-exciting Christmas present: Not Dance Star Mickey (If you see one of these, buy it for me please and I’ll get the money to you!!) but an ipad! I can’t wait to see the doors it opens up for her.

Girl Scouts: pictures and video!

Olivia riding her bike!

Olivia’s parent-teacher conference

See what I mean? The list of things I want to share has grown so long I needed a post about it to keep myself on track!!

**I just visited Jenni’s Blog here and Cardthartic is donating 20% of all sales to Batten’s Disease Awareness. I just went and shopped for all of my cards through June! They are so wonderful…please consider checking them out!**


7 responses to “Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

  1. It all sounds so wonderful!! I look forward to hearing more about each one of those things.

  2. I can’t wait to hear more! Good job Olivia!!

  3. Looking forward to these upcoming rockin posts! And I’m still looking for that damn Mickey – all I’m finding is empty shelf space where they should be!

  4. Lots of !!! where Miss Olivia is concerned! I’m so proud that she’s riding and adding and learning to write her name. You guys are amazing.

  5. i can’t wait to see her accomplishments! it’s so wonderful when your children learn new skills….. olivia clearly has amazing people in her support system for her to be doing so well 🙂

  6. The math teacher in you must be thrilled that she’s adding! I can’t wait to hear about all of it. I remember her as a little baby. All the things people told you she’d never do. I remember reminding you to let that go and let her show you all she is capable of. Way to go to you and Matt for supporting her so that she could be so awesome that you had to write this post!!!!

  7. Can’t wait either! Love, love, love to hear about Olivia!

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