I Want That!

Every year for Christmas and her birthday, it’s a struggle to find ideas for others to get her. She always wants movies; but how many new movies are there each season? Not enough. This year has been super fun because she wants everything!! Every time a commercial comes on TV or she looks in the Toys R Us catalog, she pipes up with “I want that!” I love it.

Here’s a peek at some of the things she wants:

This is the one she wants the most. This is what she’s going to tell Santa that she wants. She loves it. She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. This one dances and sings!!

You know the girl loves her Oreos, right? Only the real ones. Her special ed teacher knows this and so they use these to practice counting. Plus it’s great fine motor practice. Isn’t her teacher awesome? We’re getting these for our house too.

She loves her Zhu Zhu pets. She has about 5 of them; she’ll talk to them, play with them, lay them down for naps. I love watching her with her Zhu Zhus when she pretend plays. This is a new skill—pretending. I love, love, love to watch her pretend play. Jilly is on her list because “She’s so pink!” She’s also asking for the little beds and blankets that they have now. How cute is that?

Another item she wants that involves pretend play is this set of Disney princess dolls. I’ve always wanted to buy my little girl dolls, but she’s never been interested. Now she is!! I can totally see her up in her room, watching her princess movies, acting out the scenes with her dolls.

She also wants movies, movies, movies. Surprisingly, there are quite a few new ones coming out at Christmas this year. She’d be mad if she didn’t get a movie. When she’s opening presents, she’ll search through them to find the ones that look like movies and open those first. It’s adorable.

I can’t wait for Christmas this year. Olivia wanting all of these gifts is just one more milestone reached. It reminds me of how far she’s come. It makes me so happy.


9 responses to “I Want That!

  1. that’s awesome! we’ve got the whole “every commercial is met with an i-want-that response” situation going on here too. it’s sooo funny and cute….mainly because chandler just does NOT “get it” and he just says “i want that” to everything that hannah says it to. i’m all, “do you REALLY want the new princess tea party set chan? because mommy will get it for you if you do!” and he just grins and then growls at me like a dinosaur. i hope this Christmas is as exciting for olivia as you think it will be 🙂

  2. Glad to hear Olivia is getting so excited about Christmas this year! I’m sure that will be one happy household this year at your place!

  3. Hooray for Christmas lists!

  4. How great that Olivia will have a wonderful Christmas this year and that she is excited about commericals (they work every time!) Lily would love ALL of Olivia’s gifts too 🙂 I totally forgot about that Oreo matching game- I need to find one of those!

  5. I’ m so thrilled for her (and you) that she’s asking for specific things. You get the fun of seeing her open these things she’s asked for. Yay for milestones being reached!!

  6. I love hearing about what Olivia is up to… a lot of times, it is a preview of what we will see in our little girl a year or two in the future. What a gift you are to us.
    Just a possible caution on the Oreo game (and it may not be an issue for you) – Janine was MAD, MAD, MAD that they weren’t real when the SLP brought them out recently!

  7. I can completely understand your joy. We are very far from my little one showing an interest in a particular type of toy (other than ones he can mouth, of course!) But, this year, just in time for his birthday, I saw a change in his ability to play. So, I went all out and went crazy getting EVERYTHING I thought he might love (we were right -n with some!) I long for the day he plays with cars or trains and doesn’t just want to chew on them, but truly shows an interest in them!

    It must be such a great feeling (and one only some can understand!) to be able to get Olivia asks for! Yes! YES! I’ll get you three of each!!!! LOL!

  8. That is amazing! And the pretend play just makes my heart swell 🙂 Sounds like Santa’s going to be very good to your awesome little princess this year!!!

  9. Lovely. Someone is going to be very very busy during Christmas this year!

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