Breaking Point

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After the scare with Sweet Pea, She was a mess. She couldn’t sleep. She didn’t want to leave him alone for two seconds for fear that it would happen again. To top it all off, Sweet Pea was supposed to have eye surgery soon. The doctor had put it off because of his episode, but it needed to be taken care of soon.

She was scared that he was going to stop breathing again. She was scared of him going under anesthesia while he had his surgery; none of Her kids had been under before and She was afraid. He was so little and so fragile. Before She knew it, surgery day was upon them. Sweet Pea was so good about it. They let Her stay with him until he was under and then She had to leave. It seemed like She waited forever but it was really only about 30 minutes before the doctor came to get Her. The surgery went well and everything was fine.

Sigh of relief. Huge sigh of relief.

He came out of the anesthesia just fine and before She knew it, they were on their way home. He was still on round-the-clock breathing treatments, but was improving. And now his eyes looked a whole lot better; no more gobs of goop in the corner. He seemed to be improving and getting back to his normal, happy self.

She, however, was not. It seemed as though She was buried under a blanket of sadness and fear and sorrow that She could not get out from under. The stress of having three kids under 5, one with special needs, one with constant health issues, no money to spare and no sleep was catching up with her. She was not herself at all. She tried to hide it as best She could and put on a happy face. With all of the stress, Their marriage was suffering. They just couldn’t get along. They were constantly fighting and just not understanding each other. He was stressed with trying to provide enough money for the family to live on by getting his Master’s and working two jobs. She was stressed with everything else. They were hoping that as soon as He graduated, things would get better.

They didn’t.

He was home a little more often now that He wasn’t in school, but She wasn’t used to it. She wasn’t sure how to handle having Him home more. She was used to doing things Her way. Money was also a huge stress. There simply wasn’t enough. They were living on a teacher’s salary and a couple extra days a week of Him cutting meat at a grocery store. It wasn’t enough. She was babysitting and tutoring, on top of caring for the kids and the house, but it still wasn’t enough. She was so stressed and tired and scared and so was He; but They weren’t connecting to each other.

They were at a breaking point. Something had to give.


3 responses to “Breaking Point

  1. Oh sweetie… I just send you guys hugs. I’m so glad you were able to make it through all of this and come out hugging and smiling on the other side. Love ya!

  2. As always your honesty is inspiring!

  3. Wait so what happened? did i miss something or is this the last flashback?
    i found this website this morning and i’ve been reading it constantly ever since! such an amazing story.. you’re so strong and brave!

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