Marvelously Mundane !!!

Matthew’s birthday present finally arriving in October to squeals from all 5 of us as we anxiously anticipated what new songs would on here!!! If you have a Wii, go get this game right now. It’s a workout and it’s fun for everyone. Olivia can even do it with us! (P.S. The kids like version 1 songs better. Cotton-Eyed Joe won them over.)

Same said just-turned-5-year-old practically knocking his brother over to get him out of the way so he could have HIS very first piano lesson. Looks like I’ll have two budding pianists in my house. Well, 3, if you count me. I’m a little rusty.

Seeing this beautiful Mama on a recent field trip…

And watching my little guy stay 5 feet back because he was scared and Looks like he takes after his Mama after all. (I don’t feed animals. Period.)

Gasping out loud at Kroger when I turned the corner and saw this beautiful baby in the dairy section. I think I knocked over the blue-hairs that shop during the day when I do so I could get to them first. Gasping for a second time when I saw they don’t expire until January. I may or may not have purchased 5. (It’s Pumpkin Spice in case you can’t see. And Peppermint Mocha.)

Olivia seeing this lovely lady in her AWESOME Halloween costume at the school party and following her everywhere yelling “Off with their head!” because we had just watched Alice in Wonderland the night before. She also may or may not have swiped frosting off of random victims’ cupcakes as they walked by. I’m not sure.

Loving, loving, loving getting that picture that makes you go “Ooooohhhhhh!” when you least expect it. When you’re just hanging out in the front yard playing in the leaves.

Thanks to my friend, Jill, being able to see shots of my big guy getting to cream his principal with silly string and shaving cream because he raised the most money in his class. (Thanks again to those of you who helped him!)

And, finally, having a job that allows me to take a late lunch in order to go to my kids’ Halloween party at school and getting to see my daughter participate in the games just like everyone else. Even if it did mean she was wrapped in toilet paper.

What made you !!! this week?

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8 responses to “Marvelously Mundane !!!

  1. Lovely !!! moments. I especially relate to the coffee creamer.

  2. DDR for the Wii….kicks my ass every time. Normally by the time we are done playing I am sweating and gasping for air. šŸ™‚

  3. Olivia yelling “off with her head” cracked me up. Literally. Out loud.

  4. We haven’t played DDR in a while! Maybe today…

    Love that costume.!

  5. Love it! Love the entire list. I’m on my way to the store for pumkin spice creamer….YUM!!! I’ve alwasy wanted the dance game so thats going on my Christmas list. I need excersize and if I can get it and laugh at the same time all the better. My!!! for the yesterday was finding a way to get free Christmas cards. Everyone with a blog can do it just follow the link on my blog or this should work too

  6. That black and white picture definitely made me go OOOOH!!!

  7. We’re adding DDR to the Christmas Wii game list! Any way to give new life to the fun we have while dancing it out AND will count as exercise is a plus in my book!
    You have to email me who you use for piano. We’ve talked about trying it with both boys but haven’t found anyone yet.

  8. OFF WITH HER HEAD! Love it.

    These are really great !!!s. Especially that B/W photo. Beautiful.

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