Real Characters

One decided to go the creepy route…

One decided to go for cool…

She decided that a princess was what it was all about…

And shouted “Girls Rule!”

We hope you had a happy Halloween too!!


15 responses to “Real Characters

  1. Love the second to the last picture! Olivia is a very pretty Snow White!

  2. What a good-looking bunch! Olivia’s coloring is perfect for Snow White!

  3. They all look so great!!

  4. What a beautiful Snow White! Our gang went as Mario & Luigi, with Janine as Princess Peach. She was so excited about Halloween this year (we had to circle it on the calendar in July – and she checked it every day!) – but still freaked out by the trick-or-treating.

  5. She makes the perfect Snow White!

  6. Wow. She wears a princess costume so well. Must mean she really is one!

    The boys are so hilarious!

  7. They all look so great!

  8. Olivia looks beautiful, the perfect Snow White!!! The boys look very scary and cool : )

  9. I just thing Olivia looks perfect. They boys look great too, but her costume is just perfection.

  10. Olivia looks just like Snow White! Great costumes for truly adorable kiddos 🙂

  11. I think all these costumes are fabulous! That last picture is darling.

  12. These are great shots. I love the contrast between the costumes.

  13. They are so cute!! Great pictures.

  14. These kids need to meet the Bloody Bride!

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