Bad Boy !!!

After this post last week about Gabe, I felt really guilty. He is such a good kid. I mean, honestly, I could not ask for a better son. He just has his moments and he’s really been testing us lately. I appreciate all the advice everyone gave me and you wanna know a secret?

It’s been better.

I think it was partly to do with Olivia’s health issues and my obvious stress and concern over it. I think it was partly to do with me putting my foot down and demanding respect. I think it was partly to do with being a mature, 8-year-old boy trying to figure out the pecking order. So I’ve tried some things and taken the advice and things are better. Much, much better. We’ve been talking. He kisses me before school. He even let me scratch his back the other night before bed.

I didn’t want you to think that he was a bad boy. Because he’s most definitely not. He’s an angel. And this past week I got proof.

He went to my sister’s and worked for 4 hours around her house to earn money. She said he worked super hard. Got a lot done.

He came home and went on ebay and found a set of Care Bears.

He bid on them and won.

He gave us the money and anxiously awaited the arrival of the package.

So that he could open the package and give them to his sister.

That’s some serious Bad Boy !!! right there.

This week’s edition of !!! brought to you by Bad Mommy Moments and Momalom…join in !!!


16 responses to “Bad Boy !!!

  1. OK The look on her face is priceless. I hope he understand completely how much he obviously made her day. Even the good kids have bad weeks. Its obviously your plan to raise good people is what drives you to make sure that Gabe is everything you know he can be and more.

  2. That is the sweetest thing I have heard in a while! What a great brother. Olivia looks so happy! Glad things are looking up.

  3. Wow – that is so sweet of him!

  4. What a sweet story. I seriously did an “awww” out loud.

  5. Okay, this is making me cry. I never doubted for one moment that he was a great boy! How sweet and loving that he did that for his sister. ..

  6. Oh! I have tears in my eyes too! What a sweetheart.

  7. Awe, that made me melt. That a great bad boy!

  8. He’s a bad boy with a beautiful soul!

  9. I seriously have tears in my eyes Tiffany! That is the sweetest thing EVER! I never thought he was a “bad boy” with the post about him- it’s the age and even though you are doing the BEST job with him, it’s gonna happen. I’ve already have been gearing up for the years ahead of me of “You’re not my friend mom!”, “I hate you!” and “You’re mean!”. It just sucks knowing it is going to happen someday even if I do everything I can do to demand respect and model love and kindness to them. However, at least it’ll just be a phase (hopefully!) and soon enough I’ll be hearing “You’re right mom!”, “You’re the best” and “I love you” again.

  10. Aww what an amazing heart he has, you must be very proud xxxx

  11. What a sweet sweet story. They are both lucky to have each other.

  12. He’s such a sweet angel. It’s so amazing how you don’t have to “teach” siblings of children with disabilities to look out for the siblings and to care just a little more about them. Gabe and Matty are Olivia’s guardians – that’s for certain.

  13. That was so incredibly sweet.

  14. This brought tears to my eyes!!! I never thought he wasn’t a great boy, and I understand why you wrote the post. I have written a few posts like that as well and I feel guilty every time. But you know what? We are all human and as much as we love our kids, they aren’t perfect (and neither are we!) and we all have our moments and sometimes it really helps to vent about those moments to clear them from our head. So no worries!!!

  15. This gesture by him is so full of love and warmth. I love it!

  16. Oh, my gosh, how sweet is he!!! I don’t think that anyone here would think he was a bad boy. Just a boy. Doing what boys do. Trying to grow up. I have guilt sometimes over posts. Thinking that they might not be interpreted in the right way or the way that I intended. Or that maybe they will be. But, that’s the thing about blogging. It’s just a release. A place where you can let it out there and what happens, happens. No one is here to judge you or him. We are here to listen.

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