My Girl

Every year when the Girl Scout flyer comes home, I struggle. I think to myself that it would be a great idea for Olivia but I’m not sure she’s ready. Would she like it? Would she get anything out of it? Do I want to add one more thing to our calendar?

This year I decided to try it.

She’s doing really well in school, she has made a really great circle of friends who are also involved in Scouts and I thought she needed a little challenge. So we signed up.

Last week we had our first meeting and guess who was one of the best behaved girls in the group?

My girl.

Guess who participated right along with everyone else, listened to the leader, played games and did everything she was supposed to?

My girl.

Guess whose Mom had tears in her eyes during a flipping Girl Scout meeting?

My girl.

It was truly wonderful. She did so great and I was so proud. And guess what the “Try It” was during the meeting? Learning how to be a good friend. We talked about teasing, about differences and disabilities and how to be a kind person. I sat in that circle and thought “These girls GET it.” They are the kindest, sweetest bunch of girls I’ve ever known. They’re the perfect friends for my girl. They’re even better than anything I could have imagined.

Do you know who they love because she’s wonderful, not because she has a disability and they “should” like her?

My girl.

Guess who has a happy Momma who’s really glad she pushed her into trying Scouts?

My girl.

Guess who makes her Momma proud every single day?

My girl.


18 responses to “My Girl

  1. AWESOME!!! I’ve been wondering about the same thing for Kaia. Maybe one year.

  2. yay for olivia!! and yay for you for letting her try it out. sometimes we just have to put ourselves (and our children) out there so that wonderful things can happen. i hope that girl scouts continues to be a great experience for you both!! goodness knows ya’ll deserve it πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve been trying to decide about girl scouts too. I would love for Gracie to get involved in something, to be with other girls, to have friends. Thanks for sharing this story!

  4. That is awesome. You are such a great mom to Olivia. She is very lucky to have you. Glad to hear she is doing so great.

  5. Hooray for Olivia! I am so happy for you both. Can you believe there’s a waiting list for Girl Scouts in our neighborhood? Jeez!

  6. Fantastic! Well done to you both for trying something new. And I would have cried too, in fact I am wiping tears away reading your post xxxx

  7. You know how I feel about Girl Scouts and honestly, it’s one of the best things I could’ve done for my daughter. And the other girls in the troop are amazing. So glad you are having a positive experience as well!

  8. Yay for Olivia! And you! Both of my girls are in GS and I must admit, we have had some great experiences. I love what the GS teaches our kids…to be caring, considerate, helpful, open, and understanding. So glad you guys tried it. Enjoy!

  9. I’m so proud of Olivia!! You are awesome Tiffany!! Thank you for sharing, I’m still crying but happy tears. Reading this gives me so much hope for my special little girl too.

  10. That is awesome. It will be a great experience for Olivia.
    I am a lifetime Girl Scout. I have my silver award and was all ready to earn my gold award (the highest award when I was in) and my principal shut down our day. So, any rate I am a lifetime girl scout. I honestly think it was one of the best things I ever did when I was younger. We went camping every summer, had mall lock-ins every year, stayed the night in both the Toledo and Columbus COSIs for the COSI-Camp-in, participated in so many activities. Before our Sophomore year in high school we went on a awesome trip to Sea World Ohio, Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada. I paid for the whole trip and spending money with my Girl Scout cookie profit. I am very supportive of Girl Scouts and I hope to be a leader next year when Elisabeth is in Kindergarten.

  11. Yeah! You go, girl!

  12. This is soooo great! I have been thinking about getting my son in Scouts. He has high functioning autism and I think the socialization would be good for him and he would love the different activities. But I worry. What if the kids are jerks? What if the leaders don’t get it? I guess I need to do some research and find a good pack with kids like your daughter’s friends!

  13. Awesome. I got chills. I was just thinking last night while at Hunter’s Boy Scout thing that I should really think about Ella being in Girl Scouts when she gets old enough! Way to go Olivia!!! You have every right to be one proud mama!!!

  14. I love this. I was a Girl Scout when I was younger (even made it to Cadette) and loved the experience. I am glad Olivia had such a positive experience. Way to go Mom and Olivia!

  15. I remember Girl Scouts being such an amazing experience. How fabulous that Olivia fits right in and that you get to share this experience with her! I’m shedding some happy tears for you:)

  16. Such fond memories of Girl Scouts… Glad that O’s beginning has been smooth, and hopeful that she’ll create lots of happy scouting memories, too! What fun for you to watch πŸ™‚

  17. Drat! You did it again! Stop making me cry!

    P.S. I love your girl too. Even though I only know her through your words. : )

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