As you know, we’ve had a lot on our minds lately with Olivia. We had a big bummer pertaining to severe scoliosis and I was feeling a little overwhelmed waiting to find out if it was surgical or just needed a brace. Surgical would have meant a brain tumor or something wrong with her spine. Neither of those options sounded fine to me. Neither does her having to wear a collarbone to hip brace for 12 hours a day until she stops growing, but I’ll take that over brain or spine surgery. We received a huge relief last week when we found out that it was *just* severe scoliosis. (Did you know the doctor calls you back REALLY quickly when you tell them you are freaking out and anxious and to PLEASE call you back??) I can tell you I felt 100 lbs. lighter after the call that confirmed it was not a brain tumor and would not require surgery.

The whole time we were waiting to hear the news, Matt and others kept reminded me that it was highly unlikely that it would be anything else but scoliosis. And every time someone said that I would laugh; because “odds” and “likelihood” went out the window when I had Olivia.

I read every single word of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” when I was pregnant with her…and every other pregnancy book I could get my hands on. When I would get to the chapters where they would talk about “problems” in pregnancy, and I would see 1 in 10,000, I would skip right over that section and not give it a second thought. 1 in 10,000? 1 in 25,000? 1 in 50,000? That’s so rare! That won’t happen to me. I was 24 and healthy for goodness sakes.

And then it did.

So now when a doctor says “In all likelihood” or “Odds are”, I don’t necessarily believe them. Because odds were 1 in 50,000 or so that Olivia would have Cri du Chat. And guess what? It happened.
Now you understand a little better why “little” things can worry me so much.

And, given that logic, I’m off to buy a lottery ticket.


15 responses to “Odds

  1. I am relieved for you.
    I am with you on worrying about the little things. After my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, despite being a non-smoker and exerciser, I have a hard time believing anything is so “rare”.

  2. I understand what you are saying here. I never even looked at the special needs stuff when I was pregnant. It never even entered my mind. Gracie has cerebral palsy and a chromosome disorder. I’m not sure what the stats are for having a child with CP, but we were told it was one in a million when we got Gracie’s chromsome disorder diagnosis. I wonder what the stats are for having both? So, I don’t feel any comfort at all when I am told something is rare, or probably won’t happen. Life has taught me to not believe in that…

  3. I’m so happy that the MRI results came back good. Is the brace something she can wear while she sleeps or does she have to have it on when she’s up and moving around?

  4. I had a 3% chance of getting pregnant with multiples when I got pregnant with the triplets. When they told me there was only a 1% chance of miscarriage with an amniocentisis I laughed hysterically and said that numbers have and ENTIRE new meaning for me. I know exactly what you mean.
    I’m glad all is well for Olivia. I’m sorry about the brace but so very happy for all of you that she avoided major surgery! xoxoxoxo

  5. Glad to hear Olivia won’t require surgery.

  6. I’m so glad that at least the worst of the anxiety was lessened. You’re so strong, Tiff, and as hard as this path is (and will continue to be) I know in my heart that you’ll be okay.

  7. So glad Olivia will not need surgery. My heart aches everytime I hear of something like this. Only cause I know the scary feeling and the worry. Hope you are feeling better Tiff. Just remember you can handle anything that comes your way…and about the percentages and odds, it is so true. Luckily you and Olivia also do beat the “odds” when it comes to progressing…she has come sooo far!!!=)

  8. Yes. I feel that way totally about odds. On the one hand, we know that anything can happen to anybody… on the other hand, we know anything can happen to anybody! LOL So, this is why I try to remember that nothing is impossible – one way or another!

    Good lucky with the lotto!

  9. Crossing my finger in hopes that YOU win!!!!!!

  10. Great post. I have often thought I really should start playing the lottery. I’ve been the “odds” more than once.

    Random thought for the day. Has Gabe’s behavior been going up and down the worry about his sister? You have said many times that he is wise for his age. I wonder if he knows but doesn’t understand or know how to process all the stress.

    Lots of prayers of patience and strength for you and Matt coming your ways.

  11. I’m so glad that Olivia ended up on the ‘right’ side of the odds this time. I’m sorry, though, that you still have to deal with the severe scoliosis. But yeah, I understand the feeling that the odds are never actually in your favor. Good luck with the brace.

  12. This IS good (or better?) news! Wow. When people haven’t been in your situation and gone through everything you have gone through, it’s slightly easier for them to tell you not to worry. However, as the mother you have every right to worry. (Something you already know, I’m sure.)

  13. Well, all things considered, that was extremely good news! I’m relieved for you.

  14. I get ya. People tell me the odds for something and I always reply with “well obviously those odds don’t apply to me.” I hate numbers. They mean nothing.

    With that being said……I’m so glad that there is nothing surgical that needs to be done to Olivia. That is GREAT news!!!

  15. So relieved and happy for you. So glad that Olivia is going to be ok. I’m sorry that you have a long road ahead with the brace, but at least the outcome was not what you were worried about. You are a very strong woman, Tiffany. We are only dealt the problems that we can deal with. You will make it through.

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