Sweet Pea

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She was hoping for a quick labor. After all, this was her third delivery and She was being induced after already being in mild labor.

Boy was She wrong.

It was the same length as the other two and just as hard. There was a nice surprise when She got a free massage during labor. Only to those Moms who were not having drugs! It really didn’t help all that much…but it did take Her mind off the pain a little for a while.

Finally it was time to push. Both Baby Girl and Little Man only required a few pushes so hopefully this time it would be the same. It was. A few pushes and here he was. Only the cord was wrapped around his neck several times. He was purple. He wasn’t breathing.

Daddy-O got weak in the knees and almost fainted. He just went limp and fell into a chair. She didn’t really know what was going on and was wondering why on Earth the nurses were paying attention to Him when She had just given birth!! Seconds later the most beautiful sound on Earth rang in Her ears…Sweet Pea’s cry. A loud and strong cry. He pinked up. He was beautiful. And Him? He was ok too. The nurses gave him some juice and some crackers and He perked right up.

She was able to hold Sweet Pea right away. He nursed with no problem. They cuddled and cooed at each other and got to know one another. It was bliss. She felt so calm this time. There weren’t any nerves. She felt confident and sure of her mothering abilities.

The other two times, He had stayed with Her at the hospital. This time? He went home. It was fine with Her. She was sending Sweet Pea to the nursery this time and going to try to get some sleep before She went home to the chaos. They cracked up at themselves though. It was like “High five! We had a baby! Now let’s sleep!”

She and Sweet Pea went to their room. He nursed again and then off he went to the nursery. She slept in between feedings. Visitors came and went. They went home the next day. They had a house full of visitors for days. Sweet Pea was such a good baby. He hardly ever cried or fussed. He slept for a couple of hours at a time.

Baby Girl was fascinated by him. She wanted to hold him and kiss him and pull on his toes. Little Man was so excited he was finally here. But Little Man was very angry with Her. He had major trouble adjusting to Her attention being on Sweet Pea. She did everything “right” in order to make Little Man feel better…but it didn’t work. Little Man was out of control. He would destroy his room, mouth off like only a 3 year-old can, be so mean and nasty, She couldn’t take it. It broke Her heart. She was unprepared for this reaction. He loved Sweet Pea…but hated Her. He said it would just take time.

He was right. Like usual.

After two weeks, Little Man was fine and happy again and everyone had adjusted to life as a family of five. She breathed a sigh of relief and tried to soak up every moment with Sweet Pea. She knew how fast it would go. She was going to savor every single second with this baby as it was probably Her last.

Sweet Pea indeed.


12 responses to “Sweet Pea

  1. I absolutely love you including the pictures along with the story. I am sure it makes the travel down memory lane even more fun for you as well.

  2. How in the world do you look so good after just having a baby?!

    Adorable baby pics!!

  3. So sweet! Yes!

  4. Per usual, I am crying. Good tears. Remembering my births and the wonderful bliss that comes after having a baby–despite the long nights.

  5. So I just re-read your Raising Boys Blog and then re-read this one, soooooo I wonder if there is some pattern here? Maybe? It looks like Gabe wears his emotions right out there whether he is understands what he is feeling or not. So what is he telling you? Could he be feeling anxiety about Olivia as well and senses yours over the past weeK? I know things are okay with her now, but I wonder if he has some acting out when things get stressed?

  6. He looks the exact same! I saw your comment on my post and I agree – Matty is the sweetest little human being and I’m thrilled that Keegan has made him his friend 🙂
    Eli would stand in front of me while I was nursing Keegan and break his glasses knowing there was nothing I could do to stop him. We went through 4 pair of glasses in the first 2 weeks that I was home with Keegan. Then it all got better – must be the adjustment period?!?!

  7. What an incredibly sweet post! Love the photos.

  8. I love that last photo, with his little pink, bow of a mouth. What a gift.

  9. i never realized that when gabe was younger he looked exactly like matthew does now! weird!!!!!!! cute pics!

  10. I love the photo with his little hand spread wide open! They are so perfect and so sweet at that time aren’t they??

  11. Cindy Jackson

    What a beautiful family.

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