Here He Comes

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If you wouldn’t mind sending good thoughts and prayers our way today, they would be greatly appreciated. Olivia’s going under anesthesia and having her MRI today. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly and that they don’t find a brain tumor!! I’ll try to update on Twitter: tsquared417. Thank you friends!!!

Before She knew it, it was almost “Go Time” and Sweet Pea would be arriving shortly. A third child. They would soon be a family of five. FIVE!! She couldn’t believe it. Over the last few months She had really been trying to put all of her energy into doing things with the kids. Even though She knew this time that everybody would adjust just fine, there was still a part of Her that felt guilty for having another one. Would they get enough attention/love after Sweet Pea was here? How would She handle having 3 under 4-years-old? How would He handle it? How would They handle it?

Everyone was very excited…especially Little Man. He couldn’t wait to have a little brother. They tried to explain to Little Man that Sweet Pea would not come out ready to play, but he was still excited. Baby Girl understood that Mommy’s belly was getting bigger and that there was a baby in there, but it was hard to tell if she was excited or really knew what was coming. In fact, Baby Girl would go up to ANYONE who had a large belly and point and say “Baby!”. It was cute to them, but not to the person with the big belly!

She had only gained 50 lbs. this time (for those of you keeping track that’s 35 pounds less than the first two!) so she was really excited. For some reason her skin stayed pretty tame this time too…no raging acne!! She was very, very tired of course. Chasing after her two little ones and the others that she babysat on top of being pregnant made her super tired. But They were so very excited to meet Their little one.

Fall came and Little Man went to pre-school the first time. He was a little nervous and very excited to be joining his sister at pre-school. Bonus to having a sister with special needs who goes to your pre-school? You get to ride the bus!! He was ecstatic about that part. The first day of pre-school She sent a little note with a lipstick kiss that read “I Love You” that Little Man kept in his pocket in case he missed Her. When he got home on the first day, he said “I only had to look at it a few times!” Baby Girl did great at her first day of her second year of pre-school. She was an old-pro now after all. Baby Girl was very excited to have Little Man with her at school.

On their first day of school, She was alone for 3 blissful hours. Sweet Pea was still cookin’ and the kids (even the ones she babysat) were in school. She was alone for the first time in years!! She dropped the kids off and waddled to her car and spent the morning running errands. As lame as it sounds, it was wonderful. She didn’t have to get anyone in and out of car seats. She didn’t have to carry Baby Girl. She just hopped out (as much as a 9-months-pregnant woman could hop) and went to the stores She needed. It was great.

That afternoon (it was a Monday), She started having contractions. She was really hoping to go into labor on Her own this time after being induced the first two times. The contractions were getting more and more intense. She called her OB/GYN. The doctor would only be on call on Tuesday and then she was off for two weeks. Doctor asked if she would like to be induced in the morning. She was torn.

She really wanted to go into labor on her own…but She was having pretty good contractions already…and She was pretty sure this would be her last labor and delivery…and She really wanted her own doctor to deliver Sweet Pea…so She said yes.

The contractions continued throughout the night and before They knew it, it was time to go. They dropped the kids off at school with instructions that Ma and Pa would be picking them up because They would be at the hospital with Their new baby brother. They drove away and headed to the hospital.

They got there and had to wait for two hours because the OB floor was packed. It was nice to be alone just the two of them even though She was having contractions. Finally it was time for them to go back to get induced.

Here He Comes!!


13 responses to “Here He Comes

  1. That picture of them on the bus, with their heads barely above the window ledge is adorable!

  2. I love the pictures included in the story. Oh my gosh, Olivia was adorable! And Gabe, I kept thinking it was Matty but kept reminding myself “no he’s not born yet in this part of the story.” Crazy how much those two looked a like at that age.

  3. Kristen—I just went back and looked and you are right, Matty looks just like him!!! They are so different that I don’t think they do…but they totally do!! And, I agree, Olivia has always been adorable! 😉 Me pregnant on the other hand…not so much!

  4. Unless I’d seen the proof, I’d never have thought you gained more than 20 pounds with any of your pregnancies. You bounce back so great!

    My thoughts are with you today and I’m sending some white light out to Olivia.

  5. Those pics are adorable!
    Good luck to Olivia today.

  6. Its funny to see you all prego and non skinny and with all that hair. Apparently I thought you always looked exactly like you do today. I have to agree with the others that I thought you had posted a picture of Matty all big and then I realized it was Gabe. I’ve never thought they looked that much a like before but WOW they sure do.

    I may have mentioned it before…. but I LOVE this series!

  7. I forgot how incredibly tiny Olivia was! She’s gotten so big!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and her today.

  8. Dang, someone stole my comment 😉 I was going to say how much Gabe and matty look alike! Isn’t genetics awesome! Personalities definitely different, but you can definitely tell they are brothers. And I’m glad today went well! I’m sure your results will be fine as well.

  9. I can’t believe how much Gabe looks like Matthew.

  10. Hope everything went well with Olivia today. She’s in our thoughts and prayers! Her and her big brother are so stinking cute in those pics!!

  11. What a sweet post. I love the pictures too.

    Olivia is in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Cindy hackson

    Thanks so much for posting pictures too, it is so wonderful to see you, baby girl and little man. I am so touched by your words. I would write more, but I cannot stop reading!

  13. Cindy Jackson


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