Plain Old !!!

If I’m being honest, and to quote TKW, it’s been a freakshow over here at the Townsend house. That’s why it’s NOvember next month. We need to get back to square one. But even in the midst of all the crazy, I find myself being overwhelmed by !!! moments. I don’t always have my !!! with me (and if I’m honest again, I can’t find the ones ck sent me) but I think about !!! all the time. I think that is the secret to life…to be swept away and overwhelmed by plain, old every day !!! moments.

Like watching your oldest son climb a tree and noticing his feet. They look like adult men’s feet. They’re huge. Soon they will be bigger than yours. But right now? He’s all yours. Very !!!

Or having a great conversation with your littlest son while making cookies for the teacher’s luncheon (It’s not NOvember yet!)…watching him crack eggs and talk about how butter is sticky…and ask you questions like “What is salt?” Very !!!

Like getting your daughter ready for school in the morning and, after a moment of “Wow, most Moms don’t have to do their daughter’s hair every morning when they’re almost 10…” it is replaced by…”How lucky I am that I still get to play beauty shop with her each and every day!” You find the perfect little headband that coordinates with her cute little outfit and send her on her way.

Like having another great conversation with your oldest son while unwrapping the caramels to make caramel apples…and seeing his face light up when they’re done and you let him have one before dinner.

Like walking outside and noticing that it is a perfect fall day with a sky to die for.

And making your husband his favorite dessert…complete with homemade crust…and it turns out not only beautifully on the outside, but melts in your mouth as well.

I’m telling you…CK and Momalom are onto something here. I think the secret is out.

Intentional Happiness

Momalom !!! Bad Mommy Moments !!!

11 responses to “Plain Old !!!

  1. I love your !!! I need to get on this bandwagon.

  2. love your !!! moments 🙂 and i can only hope that hkay will still let me play with her hair when she’s 10!

  3. Even when life is a freakshow there’s a whole lotta !!! out there! Glad you found some totally awesome things to be !!! about. Baking with my boys is always cause for !!!

  4. Although I can’t stand doing my daughter’s hair, there is something very therauputic (sp?) about the time we spend together while I am.

  5. The !!! are always so much fun to read.

  6. !!! at the fun color of your KitchenAid mixer!

    You are a culinary rock star this week, Tiffany! Homemade cookies, caramel apples and pie? WOW.

  7. Those were fantastic !!! moments. How I would have loved to have a slice of that pie.

  8. I so need to play the !!! game. I love it! I love the shot of Gabe’s shoes… some how the huge feet make feel more like the boys are getting too big than some of the other signs. Random I know.

  9. Oh… be swept away! Sounds like heaven?

    I, too, like your !!! game.

  10. Wow. It seems to me like you are doing pretty fantastic even when you are crazy and busy. Take a moment and look at all you took the time to do with and for your children to celebrate this season. It’s awesome!

  11. I love these !!! moments. The pie looks so good. And that pic of Olivia – spectacular.

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