**Sorry to my regular readers…I wrote this post last night and hit schedule…and it seems to have disappeared! That’s why it’s late!**

Matt and I have decided that next month will be NOvember.

We’ve said yes to too much and too many things.

We’re overscheduled, overtired, overstressed. Even more than usual.

We’re grouchy, annoyed and angry at all we’ve got going on.

This is not who we want to be.

So we’ve decided to have NOvember.

No, I won’t make cookies for the luncheon at school on Friday. NO!

No, I won’t chaperone the field trip on my one day off. NO!

No, He won’t coach soccer. NO!

No, I won’t volunteer on that committee. NO!

No, I won’t watch your kids. NO!

No, no, no, no, no!!

We need time to just be. To revel in the five of us lucky souls we are blessed to call our family.

So, NOvember, watch out. We’re armed and dangerous with our shouts of “NO”!


11 responses to “NOvember

  1. I think you guys need to get T-shirts made that all they say is “No!” 🙂

  2. I love it. I’ve been feeling over scheduled too. All fun stuff though so its hard to say no. Its be much easier if it was icky stuff like eating brussel sprouts. 🙂

  3. One word… BRILLIANT. I may have to steal this idea.

  4. Oh… I love this idea! Now to convince my husband to join in NOvember too.

  5. Me too! Me too! (How do I manage to extend that past November into the next year?)

  6. I love the idea of “NOvember”. I’m totally on board with that:) Hope it works for you all and puts some smiles back on your faces!

  7. I think I totally want to do this too! GREAT idea Tiffany. I know my husband will definitely be on board with this.

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  9. There is a direct correlation to being on this “yes” campaign we were all on and all of a sudden the shit hitting the fan. I’m in complete agreement about this NOvember thing!

  10. NOvember…
    Best. Idea. Ever.

    (Can I copy it?)

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