Fall in My City

Unknown Mami

Imagine my surprise when my 8-year-old boy, who currently thinks I’m embarrassing and refuses to give me kisses even in the privacy of our own home, was EXCITED to go to the apple orchard. I mean, we go every fall, but I figured he’d be all “I’mwaytoocoolforthatnow” but instead he was excited.

To pick apples from the highest branch with his brother…

To find the perfect apples and put them in our bag…

To search and search and search (as he does every year) to find THE perfect pumpkin.

Maybe he’s not growing up so fast after all. Even if he is, I’m taking every opportunity to capture those gorgeous green eyes and those Icouldeaticecreamoutofthem dimples. They’re mine. All mine.

Matthew’s still of the opinion that he will never stop giving me kisses and hugs. “Why would I Mom? That’s silly!” Oh, the innocence of being 5 and still thinking your Mom is the greatest. He was beyond excited to spend the day at the orchard.

He was thrilled to be picking apples with his big brother and by himself. To climb the trees! To taste the apples! To soak it all up.

Boy will I be sad when I’m not his favorite anymore. Hopefully it takes longer than age 8. He wasn’t “too cool” for the fun at the orchard…turns out neither was his big brother.

Turns out I’m still ok to do the Corn Maze with. And guess what? I almost peed my pants and we got lost and Gabe laughed and laughed with me. I wasn’t embarrassing or uncool. I was just his Mom.

And Olivia? I’m counting on her. To never be embarrassed by me. To never leave my side. To always give me kisses.

Wait!! You were supposed to be the one that never disses me!! Did I just hear you say “Leave me alone, Mom!!” Geez.

But she got over it and picked a couple of apples. On Amma’s back or on her own. And then she was cold and tired and waited in the car. “When are we having donuts anyway?”

At the end of the day, I sigh and think how wonderful it is to have all 3 of my babies, my sister and my Mom to enjoy a beautiful day at the orchard.

Even if I am embarrassing. Where’s my apple fritter??


25 responses to “Fall in My City

  1. These pictures are great! I really like the collage effect. The orchard looks fun, too; it wouldn’t happen to be anywhere near Ky would it? I’ve been looking for some place like this.

  2. These are all wonderful photos. Looks like you all enjoyed perfect fall day together.

  3. Great pictures! You are getting really good with that camera of yours!!!

  4. Looks like a great day. We are headed up to the pumpkin patch next weekend when Justin’s brother and family are in town. I’m looking forward to it!

  5. Lovely fall photo collages. And isn’t it crazy how moody kids can be?

  6. Beautiful photos of your children..perfect way to spend the day!

  7. Love the collage! Looks like y’all had fun. Can’t wait to take Lael to the pumpkin patch.

  8. These are such joyful fall pictures of your beautiful children and activities of the season in which I used to take delight. We are just 25 miles or so north of Half Moon Bay, CA, one of the greatest pumpkin growing regions in the US and there are also wonderful farms nearby where you can go and pick apples and other farm produce. My sons, now 27, almost 26 and 40, used to love those outing. Great pictures.

  9. Awesome collage and your kids are beautiful. It looks like a perfect fall day lites lots of fun. Hopefully you got kisses all around that night!
    Cheers, jj

  10. Great pictures. The fruits seem to speak to me, they are so warm and inviting.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Those pictures are beautiful – especially that last one of the 3 of them! Gabe is such a sweet guy. He may be embarrassed right now but he’ll likely be your best bud when he’s grown:) They’re all 3 great kiddos that I know you are insanely proud of!!

  12. Look at those smiles! You captured the day brilliantly.

  13. Your family is beautiful.

    8?! Really, they start being embarrassed of mom that early. What a bummer!

  14. Love the photos. Apple picking would be a lot of fun.

  15. I wish we had an apple orchard near us!
    And I can’t ever imagine my two little boys telling me they don’t want to give me kisses that would break my heart!

  16. There’s not much I wouldn’t do for an apple fritter, either!

  17. Oh, I wish we had apple orchards out here. I am sure we do, but not like in the Mid West. I miss that stuff!

  18. You got such great pics! Sounds like a very fun day. It’s so hard to watch them advance to that preteen stage isn’t it? I am always asking my husband for a pause button!

  19. PS-Olivia’s jeans and sweater combo-so freaking cute!!

  20. What great photos. It’s wonderful to find an activity like that to bring the family together.
    Dropped by from SITS to say hi.

  21. Beautiful! When we visited the pumpkin patch, my daughter threw up in it. ::sigh:: (she has special needs, too, just another time I need to swallow any pride I had left…) I’d love if you’d come over and link your post to my linky party. It’s a seasonal one, so your post is perfect!


  22. I love fall. And these pictures are adorable.

  23. Oh, this is awesome. I’ll have to tell my readers about it in the morning.

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