Another Boy

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Before She knew it, she was 20 weeks along. Her OB/GYN was in a panic that She didn’t want any of the blood tests or an amniocentesis so She was going for a in-depth ultrasound. She was excited to find out if They were having a boy or a girl and, of course, to see if the baby was healthy. She was nervous too. Pregnancy always made Her nervous.

The day was finally here. They had a babysitter for Baby Girl and Little Man and were able to go just the two of them. They kept joking that it was kind of like a date. Only at 9 a.m. And to an ultrasound. But still. Just the two of them.

They waited a bit at the hospital and then it was Their turn. The ultrasound tech was lovely. She was kind and patient and gentle. Everything looked great. 10 fingers. 10 toes. Beating heart. Normal. Perfect.

And a boy.

They were overjoyed. She truly didn’t care if They had a boy or a girl…but She loved having a boy and was thrilled to be adding another one to Their family. She was a little afraid to have another girl if She was honest with herself. It was hard enough to compare Baby Girl to Little Man. She wasn’t sure She could handle comparing her to another girl. Plus, Little Man was so good with Baby Girl, She imagined that this new boy would be just as good. She loved the idea of having two brothers looking out for their sister.

It felt right. It felt just like it should be.

After the ultrasound they left with their new photos of Sweet Pea and huge smiles on their faces. They stopped at an estate sale (one of His favorite things to do) before they headed home. She felt like She was floating on air She was so overjoyed. The estate sale didn’t even register with Her; all She could think about was Her little boy. A boy, a boy, a boy, a boy. She walked through this stranger’s house with Her hands on Her belly and a smile on Her face holding His hand.

Her little Sweet Pea. Another Boy.


4 responses to “Another Boy

  1. I love that you saw it as another little man who is going to watch over Olivia. So sweet.

  2. This just made me happy.

  3. I’m kind of sad to think that this series is going to end when M is born? Drag it out.

  4. And boy has Matty met the expectation of being a great brother to his sister. He’s a great little guy:)

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