Fun with Facebook

My friend Amy sent this to me through email…and she hardly ever forwards so I knew it would be G-O-O-D.
Because it’s Thursday and I need a laugh, I present to you “What if Facebook was around back then?”

By the way, have you guys heard of Lamebook? Or Regretsy? Go check it out right now.


8 responses to “Fun with Facebook

  1. I haven’t seen that yet – that was funny! I especially liked The Earth: FML. hahahahaha!

  2. Those were awesome! I think the God one was my favorite!

  3. “God and the Snake like this.” I totally just snorted! Awesome!

  4. Too funny. I like the Ben Franklin bit.

  5. This was great! Made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! I made Tom read it too; he laughed too. I don’t get on here too often, totally need to make the time to do it. THanks for the laugh.
    Glad to see Olivia is part of the troop now!

  6. I couldn’t figure out how to send it right, but definitely my favorite email I’ve gotten in a while!!! LOVED IT

  7. That sooooo made my day.

  8. The cockroach one! Awesome!

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