Bubbles in my City

When you’re five, is there anything quite like a new giant bubble wand and a whole lot of bubbles?

I think not.


14 responses to “Bubbles in my City

  1. grat captures…love playing bubbles…he was doing a great job…big bubbles…

  2. I LOVE these pics! I think I may need to go buy me a giant bubble wand today too!
    Following from Sunday’s in my City 🙂

  3. Love his face in the second last shot. You caught great moments here!

  4. What do you mean, 5? I’ll take one at 32 🙂

  5. Awesome! My daughter is obsessed with bubbles right now. She calls polka dots on clothes bubbles and wants to wear bubbles all the time.

  6. just adorable!!! stopping by from mami’s!!!

  7. Ok, I’m totally jealous! I WANT a giant bubble wand!!! That’s just the coolest thing ever. I love how he looks so serious about the whole process!

  8. Too cool. Bubbles are great at any age – Especially when they entertain my daughter, while I get a chance to catch up on something that needs to be done.

  9. Oh man, that is so awesome! I want one too!!!
    Thanks for sharing the fun.
    Happy SIMC, jj

  10. Dang I never had a wand that big growing up..thats so crazy cool!

  11. when we get the boys together to play you need to have that on hand- evan loves bubbles and would go ape over that thing! super cool pix!

  12. Great pix! I love the little edge burn you gave them. Makes me want to blow some bubbles too. =)

  13. those are the cooloest! If i were to get one of those for my 3year old he would lose his preschool mind in an instant!

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