Making Progress

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She was pregnant. They were estatic. She would be due in September; Baby Girl would be 4.5 and Little Man would be 3.5 It would be a lot of work, but They were thrilled. They couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone. Little Man was really excited but They weren’t sure he understood that the baby wouldn’t be able to come out playing soccer!! Baby Girl understood that Her belly would get bigger, but other than that They weren’t sure she really “got” it.

Baby Girl was really growing up. She had a walker now to help her walk; Baby Girl didn’t like it at all. They would go outside on the sidewalk and She would stand a few feet away from Baby Girl and hold a treat of some kind—animal crackers, M&Ms, etc.—and Baby Girl would have to take several steps with her walker to get there. She felt terrible torturing her like that but it had to be done. The only way she would make progress was if They kept pushing her. She often thought “What must the neighbors think?” watching this tiny little girl out there crying, trying to walk in her walker. Little did they know, if they looked closely, She was crying too.

One day at a therapy appointment at their house, the therapist held up a video and Baby Girl took 3 steps all by herself to get it. They couldn’t believe it!! Baby Girl walked on her own!! Those hours and hours of torture on the sidewalk were paying off. It was only 3 steps…but it was a start. They were confident that 3 steps would soon become 4, then 5, then off she’d go. It would be a slow process, just like everything else, but They knew she would do it.

Language was still not coming. Baby Girl could understand everything you said, she just couldn’t speak herself. She had lots of signs and They were thankful for that. They were able to communicate but They desperately wanted her to be able to talk. All they wanted was for her to be able to say “I’m hungry and want a sandwich” or “I’m tired and want to go to bed” or “My throat hurts”. Just simple things, that’s all They wanted. Every Christmas, birthday and Mother’s Day, She would say a private wish for Baby Girl to say “Mommy”. She really wanted to hear that. It would definitely be music to Her ears.

Little Man continued to astound them with the things he could do. Even though he was now almost three, they still marveled at the fact that he could just up and do things without hours and hours of therapy and practice. He was such a fun little guy. He was so mature for his age but still had lots of energy and verve like a little boy should. One of Her favorite memories is of Christmas morning. Little Man came down the stairs first and saw all the presents and then ran to the stairs and yelled “Cee Cee! Get down here!! Santa came!” and waited for her. He was always looking out for his big sister.

She continued to get bigger and bigger. It seemed with this third pregnancy that she looked pregnant right away. She felt absolutely great. She was tired, but other than that, felt great. She was really looking forward to making it to that 20 week mark and having her ultrasound to make sure everything was ok and to find out if They were having a boy or a girl.

She couldn’t wait.


9 responses to “Making Progress

  1. I loved that although it was difficult and emotionally trying, you stuck with the walking thing. You pushed and pushed, all out of love, and the payoff was awesome. A difficult parenting moment for a new mom but a job well done!

  2. I can’t imagine how hard you had to work to get to those first steps, but what triumph! You amaze me.

  3. Having babies is great!!

    We’ve made some serious regression in the walking department for Cayman. I am not sure why but she refuses lately. Maybe it’s because I haven’t fed her M&M’s. 🙂 I’ll have to give it a try.

  4. I love this series! Your words paint a perfect picture!

  5. You are a rock star; always have been, always will be.

  6. It makes me cry a little to think of how long it took for her to say mommy. Eli was pretentious and talked about the time he could sit up. Keegan said mommy pretty early on too. It’s the most precious sound ever. It must have just made your heart burst the first time you hear it!

  7. Wow. Reading your words transports me into that situation. I can feel your pain, your joy, your frustrations, your wishes.

  8. There is such joy in watching our children accomplish something they have worked so hard for, isn’t there? And I’m jealous you felt so good during your third pregnancy. I felt like total crap from the very first day to the very last! My son is worth it, of course, although it wasn’t a pretty 40 weeks … and 2 days, but who’s counting? =>

  9. Oh, I miss that “waiting” period of having a new baby. Waiting to meet this little someone. Waiting to get to know him or her. Waiting to fall in love with them. Waiting for your family to be complete. 🙂

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