So you know I love taking pictures. And I’ve been teaching myself how to take better photos. I took this year’s edition of our botanical garden pictures and they turned out pretty good.

I posted them on Facebook and here and a few friends said “You should be a photographer!” and I brushed it off as ridiculousness. My blog friend, Kristen, asked me awhile ago (while taking our family pictures) if I wanted to do photography professionally and I said “No way! I’m not good enough. I just love doing it!”

And then my friend Jodi asked me to take her girls’ pictures. I said “Sure!” and it went really well. She loved the pictures and was very pleased. I had a blast doing it. I even took my kids with me! I posted those pictures on Facebook and a few friends said “You should be a photographer!” and this time there was a voice that said “Hmmmm….could I?”

Another friend messaged me and asked if I would take her boys’ pictures. She wanted to take pictures of them in their Michigan State jerseys. Three boys. I thought it sounded fun so I said “Sure!” and it went really well. She loved the pictures. I had so much fun doing it. She asked me to post them on Facebook and tag her so she could show some friends. This time quite a few people commented on how great the pictures were and so far quite a few people asked me to take their kids’ pictures.

So…I’m dabbling. I definitely don’t feel like I’m even close to good enough to call myself a “photographer”. But I love it so much. I love capturing that perfect shot that makes the Mom say “YES! The perfect shot for my family room!” I love playing with the kids. I love all of it. So I’m going to set up a few more sessions with friends.

And I’m going to do it because I love it.


20 responses to “Dabbling

  1. These pictures represent more than dabbling. They are lovely and I think you may be on to pursuing an alternate career interest. From the photographs, you can sense you love capturing picture moments.

  2. cool to do something you love! Here is a blog you might like

  3. tiffany- you ARE great! i have always loved looking at your pictures. and you can photograph my kids any time you want! 🙂

  4. Awesome!! Those turned out fabulous. I’ve been dabbling too, and contemplated doing some professionally just more for hobby reasons, not for a career thing. My MIL asked me to do an engagement photo session with friends of hers from her church. They have no money, but thinks I take great pictures of the kids so offered me to do their engagement photo. That scares the bejeezers outta me! I’m not good enough at all for that, but she thinks they will be great! I think I may do it, I just hope they won’t be disappointed. I need photoshop though!

  5. Good for you!

    Being a Mom that instantly recognizes that “it” shot – I love that you shoot for that goal in your pictures.

  6. I love all the pictures! You are very talented! Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Tiff, you definitely have the stuff! Keep going! I’m impressed!

  8. These pictures are awesome! If we lived closer I would ask you to take pics of my kids!

  9. These are incredible, Tiffany. Keep dabbling. You’ll only get better and better.

  10. Good for you! I love that you’ve found something you’re not only good at but that you enjoy so much. Sometimes we moms forget that we’re not just moms, wives, etc but that we have lives of our own live. Dreams to seek. Keep snapping those pictures, they’re lovely.

  11. How can you NOT call yourself a photographer?! Your pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I’ll just keep saying it… You ARE Superwoman! 🙂

  12. You have a gift! Absolutely beautiful….

  13. Jane does ours for the same reason. Your photos are amazing and I’m glad you love doing it!

  14. Something I really liked about this post is how you are doing photography because you like it. I imagine it makes you feel accomplished in a unique way–which is awesome. It’s also great because you have the talent. : )

  15. While I’m not exactly sure what make a person a photographer if its taking great pictures then I’d say you might just have to admit that you really are a photographer. So wish you lived close enough to dabble while taking pictures of the boys!

  16. megan meyer foos

    if you want any practice with newborns let me know:)

  17. Ah it’s such a great feeling when you receive such beautiful compliments on your eye’s view through the lens. “Photographer” is a title that I myself cannot imagine I will ever actually be someday but I am having fun and perhaps that’s what it’s all about anyways.

  18. I think they all look great. If I lived closer I would make you take my daughters photos!

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