Signs You Need a Break

There are times when I need a break as in “Matt can you do baths and put the kids to bed?” and then there are times when I need a break as in “I’mgonnalosemyfuckingmymindifIdontgetoutofhere” breaks.

Guess which one I desperately need?

I was talking about this topic with a friend of mine the other day and we came up with signs that you definitely need a big, fat break.

1.) You hear about Lindsey Lohan getting jail time on the news and you think that sounds awesome. A jail cell…hmmm…you’re alone? Check. No one talks to you? Check. You can read? Check. You can watch TV? Check. Someone brings your meals? Check. No one talks to you? Check. You’re alone? Check. You’re Alone? Check.

2.) Someone you know is on bed rest. Or in the hospital for some other reason, non-life-threatening of course. And you think to yourself…hospital? I could lay in bed all day? And read? And watch TV? And someone would bring me food? That sounds miraculous.

3.) You’re driving on the expressway and see a sign for Chicago. You start dreaming about hopping on that road and driving all night long until you get to Chicago. You go to your favorite restaurant. You go shopping. You stay in a hotel room alone. You get to watch movies and read and relax.

Definitely time for a break, don’t you think? What are your signs that let you know you need a break?


20 responses to “Signs You Need a Break

  1. Mine are fairly similar to yours hon, last week my friend told me of how she had a bad cold and was getting her Mum to drop the kids off at school. Then she was going back to bed. I honestly was jealous! I spent the whole day fantasising about lying in bed, watching dvds in a quiet house. I would like to take a great big fat sick day, where I am well enough to enjoy it!

    I hope you get a break xxxx

  2. I giggled through this whole thing. I’ve SO been there. It’s a little easier now that the kids are bigger. There are actually Saturday nights when all three are at sleepovers. Heaven!

    You’ll get there

  3. LOL….was not expecting to see the f-bomb dropped on your blog…that’s how I know YOU need a break. 🙂

    I yelled at my stepson this morning because he used the last of the coffee (to make ME coffee yesterday morning, no less) and didn’t tell me we were out so I didn’t have coffee this morning and yelled at him and threatened to ground him for a month if he did it again. I need a break.

  4. Hey there! I read your blog often and enjoy it very much! This particular post spoke to me in volumes – haha! When my son was born last November, he was in the NICU and had surgery. They let Eddie and I stay a little extra time on the post-pardum floor so we could go back and forth. We kept laughing to ourselves that staying there (given the circumstances) was better than our honeymoon. We slept when we wanted, visited our son when we wanted, they brought us food, we each had our OWN bed, and our OWN TV. It was the LIFE!! I think I should have more children just so I could do that again, then again, maybe not!! 🙂

  5. This. Is. Awesome. I could barely contain my laughing out loudness (as in, “totally get it” laughing) as I just read this aloud to Bob.

  6. I thought having a baby in the hospital was a vacation. Seriously. I couldn’t wait to have Grace so I can have people take care of me and I could “relax”. Yes, sometimes it’s more relaxing to be in pain and labor than taking care of everything else 😉

  7. We’re so often living on the edge of needing this kind of break! I was so looking forward to “relaxing” in Sept., once the kids were back in school and life was more structured – then we had these medical & hearing issues come up. One of the moms in my SN moms groups had an addiction problem and was sent to a 30-day rehab place… I actually thought that sounded nice. (I HOPE that’s not what it would take!) So I dream on about a romantic vacation I would take with my husband (if I could) , even looking up places online. That actually helps me.

  8. Tiffany, the Lindsey Lohan thing cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh today. Hope you get a break too.

  9. I’ve had that hospital fantasy. Nothing life-threatening, nothing too painful, just sick enough for a couple of days on bed rest. Maybe some sort of stomach ailment so I would also lose a little weight.

  10. Chuckling, despite your misery. When you envy Lindsanity, you definitely need a breather.

  11. I actually laughed outloud when you described how wonderful it would be to have to go to jail! I have thought the same thing!!

  12. Wow. Pondering a jail cell really means you need a break. : )

  13. Ahhhh, this made me laugh. How about if you think being abducted by aliens sounds good!

  14. Hilarious! Just hilarious!

  15. I have often thought of faking an illness…I was actually thinking of doing it tonight…in order to have a break…Just for a day! But the last time I was sick, I ended up doing 4 times the work the next day! It is so amazing how much of a mess 3 children and a husband can do while you are not looking! As it is tonight, I definitely need a break. I called hubby while he was on his way home from work and said…”ARE YOU CLOSE TO THE HOME???” he said yes…”PICK ME UP SOME WINE! I NEED A BOTTLE…” That is my sign that I need a break…as I’m typing, Hailey just signed break…I guess she can read my mind!

  16. We’ve all been there. Some of us more than others. Hang in there love.

  17. Anytime you wanna skate for the weekend, Sister, I’m there. 🙂

  18. Ok, I was on board with the jail thing yesterday – were you reading my mind?!?! And I’m totally with Lindy – you dropped the f-bomb so I know you need a break! Hope you get one soon. I myself am planning a date with the Grey Goose very very soon… It’s just been one of those weeks!

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