Trying for Another

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Baby Girl was in school 4 mornings a week. Little Man and the little boy She babysat, A, would spend their mornings fingerpainting, riding trikes, playing in the sandbox and going to park until Baby Girl would get home from school. Then they’d have lunch and take a nap. They had a nice routine going. She would clean or tutor during nap time and sometimes maybe even be lucky enough to read a book.

He was still in graduate school at night, teaching during the day and working most weekends. They were stressed trying to make ends meet. If it was Friday, and They were both exhausted, and no one felt like making dinner, They couldn’t even order pizza. They had no extra to go around. They were using their savings to help, but soon there would be none left.

In spite of being so busy, of not spending very much time together, and of not having a lot of money, they were talking about trying for a third child. They knew they wanted at least one more. She was almost 29 and really wanted to be done by 30ish. So They decided to take the plunge and start trying again. After having a miscarriage, taking almost a year to get pregnant with Baby Girl and then getting pregnant right away with Little Man, They really had no idea what to expect. It could take a while, or it could happen right away.

Her sister was getting married that winter. She was the matron of honor. She bought Her dress a size bigger just in case. But the months passed and She still wasn’t pregnant. Her sister’s wedding came and She had to take the dress in, not out, because She wasn’t pregnant. She was trying not to freak out about it, but it was hard. It had been almost a year since They had decided to try.

Her sister’s wedding was beautiful but Baby Girl, who was supposed to be the flower girl, ended up with a double ear infection and a serious upper respiratory infection; she was also terrified of the church music. Needless to say, she didn’t make it to the wedding. She and her sister were really sad and disappointed, but what could they do? She was really bummed that Baby Girl missed out. But Little Man, who was not quite 3, did great in his tiny tuxedo walking down the aisle. The pictures of Her and Little Man all dressed up and walking down the aisle together would be treasured forever.

Every day when A’s mom would come pick him up from Her house, she would tell Her about yet another teacher at her school that was pregnant. She jokingly told the mom “I need some of that water!”. The next day, A’s mom brought her a water bottle filled with water from the drinking fountain at her school. They laughed at their joke and She drank every last drop.

A month later, two little lines appeared on a pregnancy test. It was positive.


7 responses to “Trying for Another

  1. I love all of this story. It is going to be such a great thing for your children to read when they are older. I hope you have it made into hard copy. What a great gift that would be.

  2. AHHHH!!! Love that!

  3. See, it really is in the water!!! That’s truly hilarious:) And hooray that Matthew came along:)

  4. Thank God its not in the water around me, ALOT of the teachers I work with in my buildings just had a baby or are pregnant!

  5. How cute! Sometimes, you just have to believe…

  6. Well. I’m crying. I’m sure you know why. Beautiful and something I can relate to.

    (Maybe you can convince me that I shouldn’t be afraid to try again. Right now, even though I desperately want more children, I’m afraid. I can hardly think of it. Yet, this story reminds me that sometimes it requires patience…and healing.)

  7. So it is something in the water!!!

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