One of the Lucky Ones

I think about it often and I wish for it daily. The wish and the thought and the prayer is…

Please let me be one of the lucky ones. Please.

Please let me be lucky enough to watch my children grow up, have a family of their own and be happy.

Please let me be lucky enough to get Olivia settled with enough money to take care of her for the rest of her life and know that she will have a satisfying existence.

Please let me be lucky enough to have grandchildren that I get to watch grow up and revel in their joy.

Please let me be lucky enough to celebrate countless anniversaries with my beloved Matt.

Please let me be lucky enough to be old, wrinkled, gray, sitting on my front porch in a rocking chair holding Matt’s hand and marveling at the life we’ve had.

My constant prayer, my constant wish, my constant thought…please, oh please, let me be one of the lucky ones.


16 responses to “One of the Lucky Ones

  1. Since becoming a mother, I think this is one of my constant wishes as well. I love how you wrote this.

  2. What a grand wish. One I try not to take for granted. Thanks for reminding me. Here is to hoping I still know you when I am old and gray looking back on my life!

  3. amen. i am SO with you on this one.

  4. I think Laura is right – ever since I had a child of my own this thought seems to be forefront in mind. Especially when I see a bad news story or read a bad article about how others weren’t so lucky.

  5. I wish that for you too!

  6. Dale’s mom died from cancer when he was nine. When each of my boys passes that milestone, Dale breathes a sigh of relief. Sammy’s closing in on that age and I’m so thankful that I can be their for him, for all of them, as long as God grants me life. It’s a precious gift.

  7. As you know I work for the American Cancer Society. This last year we rolled out a new nationwide campaign where we are the Official Sponor of Birthdays. I thought it was a little over the top and a bit corny at first but as this year has progressed it has made more and more sense. Each birthday is one more year here with our families and friends and we need to celebrate this gift. I’m with you… please o please let me one of these blessed people that get old and wrinklely and are gifted the abilitiy to watch our children grow!

  8. Sending lots of luck your way….

  9. I so think about this. All the time!!!!

  10. It’s true…motherhood changes us, makes us so much more fearful and yet also more brave.

  11. Oh, how I wish for this, sometimes so hard that it hurts.
    Beautiful post.

  12. Wishing this right along side you. May we all be among the lucky ones.

  13. Very touching and true. Everday I hope I am a lucky one too. Everyday.

  14. I hope those very same things more so after losing my sister…
    Now I add to that to remind myself to cherish every little moment – just in case…
    But, I hope I am lucky too…

  15. This rolls around in my mind often too.

  16. I read this when you first wrote it but didn’t have the time to comment. I, like other parents, understand. So, so, much. I want to see my babies grow up to be teens and then to get married. One of the lucky ones.

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