I remember the ultrasound vividly…another boy. I was overjoyed. Now that I knew what fun having a boy would be, I couldn’t wait to have another. The laughs, the energy, the joy that comes with a boy can’t be matched.

You didn’t disappoint.

From the minute I saw your face, I knew we would be buds. There was something special between us. From our days of hanging out on the couch nursing, napping and cooing, to our days of ABCs, books and learning to ride a bike, we’ve been together.

Often times, it’s just been you and me. Olivia and Gabe and Daddy go to school and it’s just us. Hanging out…having lunch…going to the park…reading books…playing Wii…laughing and loving and enjoying each other’s company.

Joy doesn’t even begin to describe you.

Happy doesn’t do you enough justice.

Hilarious isn’t big enough of a word.

You took our seemingly wonderful family of four and turned us into the Fantastic Five. We weren’t complete without you. Something was missing…you. We needed your humor, your free spirit, your happy-go-lucky disposition. We needed to experience a baby and a child without the stress of a recent diagnosis, or a back-to-back birth. We needed you.

I’m not sure why I’ve been so blessed to have three wonderful, beautiful children, but I am. I never tire of your animated stories, of watching you play endlessly with your toys, of your nonstop sense of humor, of your cute little tushie, of your adorable bulldog smile, of the way you hop and run instead of walk, of the way you light up a room. Ever.

You’re my baby. It feels like I blinked and you went from this…

To this.

I know I’ll blink and you’ll be all grown up so I’m savoring every minute with you, my precious, precious angel. I couldn’t possibly be more proud or love you more.

Happy 5th birthday, Matthew. Mama loves you.


13 responses to “Five

  1. Happy Birthday Matthew, just Matthew! Hope you guys have a great day!

  2. This was such a sweet tribute. Happy Birthday to your little man, he is adorable.

  3. Happy 5th, Matthew! I know you’ll have a great year!

  4. Happy Birthday, Matthew!!!

    (Now I need to go find a tissue. Sheesh.)

  5. Happy Birthday Matthew…hope it’s AMAZING!!!!

    ps…..Tiffany, your hair looks so different long! It’s not fair that you can rock so many different hairstyles!

  6. Happy Birthday Matthew!

  7. Happy Birthday Matthew! Tif – I’m sobbing! That was so beautiful 🙂

  8. Happy 5th birthday to your little man! He is seriously one of the cutest kids I have ever seen!

  9. Oh my goodness he is so cute I just want to squeeze those cheeks! Happy Birthday big guy! You are one lucky boy to have such an amazin mom.

  10. I LOVE that kid’s smile! Happy 5th birthday Matthew!!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Matthew! That child looks like he just radiates personality!

  12. Oh, I hope he had a great Birthday!

  13. *wiping up tears*

    Happy Birthday little guy!

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