Back to School !!!

I didn’t have my !!! stickers out…but it was the first day of school for my 2 oldest, so pretty much everything was !!! to me.

It’s very !!! to have your 3rd grade boy pop out of bed with a resounding “YES!” when you go wake him up for the first day of school…

And getting smiles instead of tears after 2 transition days with her special ed teacher…

And his arm around her…and those cherub faces…

This one felt a little lost which was not so !!! There were lots of “How much longer til Gabe and Sissy get home?” types of questions…

But we made it up for it by having lunch at Sonic, building a train track while watching Monsters Inc., finding a lost Lego guy and jumping on the trampoline…

It makes my heart absolutely full of !!! that he still carries at least 2 stuffed animals with him at all times…even to lunch at Sonic…

Then finally it was time for their return…

This one said she had a “pretty good” day and then promptly told me to “leave her alone” when I tried to ask more questions…

This one reported that his teacher was “FanTASTic!” and he had a great day. The teacher keeps her desk in the middle of the room so she can keep an eye on everyone. Effective classroom management is very !!! for this guy…of course embarassing him by taking his picture as he got off the bus wasn’t very !!! for him, but it was for me!!!

Finally it was time for the requested first day of school special snack — Hillbilly Teeth. Yum…and fun to look at too!!!

What !!! moments did you find today?

Join Momalom and Bad Mommy Moments in finding the !!! out of every day!!!

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13 responses to “Back to School !!!

  1. What a cool snack idea! I think we’ll give that one a try too.
    I’m so glad that your 2 had good days!

  2. Holy Cow those hillbilly teeth snack are awesome! I am so going to make those for Mike on one of the days he comes home for lunch. His reaction should be hilarious!

  3. Gabe’s picture after he got off the bus is totally priceless! It’s got that whiney voice “maaaawwwwm” written all over it! There’s nothing quite like a !!! first day of school 🙂

  4. My girls love the hillbilly teeth. Although, I made them with cream cheese. I think they would like the peanut butter a lot more. My 4 year old still takes 2 stuffed animals everywhere too. Although now they stay in the car because we don’t want anyone to “steal” her awesome Teddy and Gir (giraffe). I love reading your blog, always a smile on my face.

  5. I love the hillbilly teeth!!! You are too much:) My little guy is going to love it!

  6. Sounds like a great first day! The hillbilly teeth are awesome! I did not realize that our sons are in the same grade!

  7. OMG, I love that snack! Where do you come up with these things??

  8. OMG! I love the snack idea.
    Glad they all had a good first day!

  9. Wow, everyone seems to have their back to school tales today. Sounds like a bright future.

  10. You are the greatest mom ever! I wanna be a kid at your house!

  11. I’ve never seen Hillbilly Teeth! Those are awesome! I think even my 17yo would love those.

    My son went back to school last week, something I wasn’t sure would ever happen. We both had lots of !!! because of that.

  12. I love these photos and how you arranged them. What an exciting day! (And thanks for the reminder to make the first day at school special for the little ones who don’t go to school yet. I’ll have to think up something great for my 2YO who has no idea she’s about to get left behind.)

  13. I love the snack. I think my daughter will like it too.

    Such a nice mosaic of the first day of school.

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