Botanical Garden Beauty

Unknown Mami

Usually when we take our annual Botanical Garden shots, the boys are the easy ones to get great pictures of.

Enter Botanical Garden Photo Shoot 2010. The year of Olivia, apparently.

Gabe was having an off day and was being such a shit that I understood why some animal mothers eat their young. I snagged a few decent shots before he mounted a hideous campaign against having his picture taken that resulted in him cleaning all day, not getting Sonic for lunch and not being able to go to Grandma’s house. He apologized profusely but I’m still debating whether or not to have him for dinner.

Matthew followed in typical little brother fashion by applying for the manager position in his brother’s anti-photo campaign. I managed to get a few more shots of the little one before he went into full-on “Iainthavinmypicturetakenwoman!” mode.

But Olivia? She rocked. I don’t know if it’s that I’m better at getting “the shot” or if it’s her new ADD meds or if it was just the perfect day, but I got the most amazing shots of her. Ever. I think, if I do say so myself, that they look gorgeous.

Today, she’s my favorite and I’m not ashamed to admit it. The boys are eyeing me suspiciously and avoiding me while I lick my chops.


21 responses to “Botanical Garden Beauty

  1. Those are awesome pictures of her!!! I just adore her outfit too. Can you send me one for Kaia?! LOL>

  2. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous kids!! Olivia really shines in these photsos. I’m glad she cooperated with you and sorry that the boys didn’t. Caleb went through a stage like that, and would make silly faces in every picture I took of him. Grrrr…

  3. Ahhhh yes… the mothers who eat their young… yep, I’ve had those moments!!! You got some beautiful pictures out of the deal though – and hopefully a good glass of wine to follow it up!

  4. All of these are amazing! Wonderful portraits of your beautiful children.

  5. LOVE THEM!!!! And I love her outfit too! (as always)
    I’m telling you Tiff, I think you can quit your teaching job and become a photographer!

  6. I don’t have children, but I have nieces and when I go home to visit I try to get photos of them. The eldest niece (6yo) turns into bozo the clown if she even thinks the camera is pointed toward her. It’s absolutely frustrating.

    Your daughter just shines in these photos – congrats on a good day with her 🙂 Good luck with those boys – were they tasty??

    Kristin – The Goat
    by way of SIMC

  7. They are so cute…
    SIMC greetings from Casa!

  8. The skirt is adorable. There’s a book on child rearing called “Why Tigers Eat Their Young.” Seriously!! The boys shots look great too (even if mischeviousnous resonates from their eyes)!

  9. It’s funny because before I even read the post, I looked at that first shot and thought, “Olivia looks fantastic!” She’s radiant, glowing. All of your kids are gorgeous, but in these shots Olivia is stunning. I love her pink boots. I want them.

  10. All of the pictures were great! Olivia was shining bright today! :o)

  11. Thanks for the giggle, the post around the photos is great. Oh the photos are pretty amazing too! Olivia is stunning and looks like she was having a fantastic time.

  12. Oh God. The dreaded photo shoot. It’s always the boys that stir up trouble during these. At least it is around here! All of them look absolutely gorgeous! What great pics. And what a little fashion plate Olivia is. Too cute of an outfit!

  13. Wow – she looks like she’s having a BLAST! And her outfit is so cute!

  14. Good golly she has gorgeous hair and a beautiful smile! They all turned out great!

  15. Well, they are all gorgeous — even if the boys look a little tasty. But seriously, Olivia looks like a professional model.

    Thanks for being the first to stop by my new place!!!
    (formerly 38Traci)

  16. These are great! Olivia looks like she KNOWS it’s her day! Beautiful! And don’t eat the boys quite yet. Give them a week of penance first…

  17. Once again I didn’t get my SIMC post up and running but I did just pop in to check out yours. What beautiful photos! My daughter is in a real “I don’t want my photo taken ” phase and it is very frustrating! I feel your pain! xx

    I have a little award for you on my blog xx

  18. Holy moly. These are beautiful pictures of all your kids. And yes, Olivia looks particularly gorgeous, happy, and carefree. I can’t believe you admitted to having a favorite today. You’re going to Mommy Jail for sure.

  19. I love these pictures! I hope your sons didn’t get eaten. I have thought that in the past myself. Sometimes I just think it would be easier to eat him and be done with it! LOL Your daughter looks GORGEOUS in those pictures, and I love her outfit!!

  20. These are great pictures. I love how the pink on Olivia’s skirt just catches my eyes. And the smiles on your children – beautiful. (even though it took some work to get there).

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