!!! when you really need it

My kids don’t start school for a week. Yes, you heard me correctly, a week. I’m back into the full swing of work and stressed beyond belief. In short, I’m ready for them to go back!! But, I’m also sad that summer is almost officially over. So I’ve been trying to find the !!! in the little, every day things that happen around here and try not to wish away this last week of togetherness. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Her freckles and smile just light me up from within.

These shots from the golf outing that I just loaded and edited. They make me smile to think of all the people who came out to support us. Bliss.

Need I say more about this one?

My boys. Doing crafts. With Modge Podge and glitter.

Those same boys who were crafting with glitter making their sister’s American Girl Itty Bitty Baby into “Creepy Baby” from Toy Story III. And then throwing it up on the roof where it got stuck. Gotta love boys.

My favorite summer food.

A moment of peace between my boys while they play a computer game. They usually get along so well…but they’re ready to be apart for a while…as in school. Now.

What is bringing you !!! today??

Visit Momalom or Bad Mommy Moments to find out what the !!! is all about…if you don’t know already!

Intentional Happiness

Momalom !!! Bad Mommy Moments !!!

9 responses to “!!! when you really need it

  1. My kids started school last Monday. That makes me !!!. 🙂

    Here’s hoping you all have a great school year!

  2. Waking up this morning and feeling like I finally got some real rest. That makes me !!!.

  3. I do believe Miss D. has a pirate hat quite similar! Nothing like a good pirate hat…unless it’s a face nose/mustache/glasses combination! (!!!)

  4. First full day of school today is !!! for me. Sorry!!!!!!

    I love the Bitty Baby pic.

  5. Ok, I am still laughing out loud at the bitty baby item. The fact that it was thrown and then stuck on the roof is classic boy. Got to love em, no??

  6. I absolutely love watermelon. My little one started school this week… I am having so many !!! moments this week!

  7. Olivia in the glasses is about the best !!! I’ve ever seen! We’re axiously awaiting the arrival of the first day of school here too – and sadly saying goodbye to the end of a fabulous summer 🙂

  8. You reminding me to find the !!! every day makes me !!!. !!! 🙂

  9. School doesn’t start until 9/7 for me, so I feel your pain.

    I can also taste that amazing looking watermelon and totally wish I’d picked one up today. And I love what they did with the doll. Reminds me of what my brother did to my Barbies. (Of course now that I’m up to my neck in Barbie play I can appreciate the true art my brother created with their dismembered limbs…)

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