Olivia and the State Tournament

At the end of Olivia’s baseball season, our league hosted the state tournament. We had never participated before so I had no idea what a big deal it is! It was a massive event with a lot of people…and 3 games in one weekend! When the weekend started, I had no idea how she’d do; we’re lucky she finished one game, let alone three.

Here comes Gabriel to save the day!!

He thought it would be fun to be her “buddy” that weekend out on the field. He was great!! All of the parents on our team kept commenting on how good he was with her and how sweet it was to watch. I agreed wholeheartedly! Olivia did too. She played better with him than she did for anyone else.

I made a video with my new Pinnacle software of the game…it’s only about 4 minutes if you can take the time to watch it. It’s very sweet!! Be sure to check out Olivia’s pink tie-dye baseball socks!

Watch Olivia and Gabe play here!!


11 responses to “Olivia and the State Tournament

  1. What a great video! I have tears in my eyes from watching it. What a sweet brother Gabe is and Olivia just looks too cute in those tie-dye socks!

  2. What a lovely video. Watching Gabe and Olivia served as a reminder of how supportive siblings can be of one another.

  3. What a great big brother.

  4. OK This totally made me cry. Gabe is such a great big brother!!! I can so see my own boys in this video..

  5. I just cried like a baby. Watching Gabe pick up his sister was just too much for my heart! What a beautiful video. Captures so much love.

  6. Jennifer Casebolt

    What a great video!! I love her socks and the fact that she is wearing a skirt. She did such a great job!! Thanks for sharing the video! I wanted to come to a game so badly!! Gabe is such a great big brother!!

  7. What an awesome video memory to have of this day. So proud of Olivia for participating. Even more in awe of Gabe. He is an amazing brother. You’ve done a great job!

  8. What a proud mama you have to be! I had tears watching the two of them together. What an amazing pair they have grown up to be:) What a fabulous little man Gabe is turning into! This is truly precious. Thanks for sharing Tiff!

  9. I have a huge smile on my face with tears streaming down my cheeks. I love this. What a great brother… What a great sister….
    One question, would you agree to a pre-arranged marraige for Gabe and my Olivia?

  10. OMG – how incredible is your boy?! This video made me smile just thinking about you watching from the other side of the camera.

  11. Again Tiff, more tears for me today, but not because of work this time! What a sweet video, and it brightened my day šŸ˜‰

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