When Olivia was born, I sure didn’t feel lucky. I felt like the most unlucky person in the world for quite a while.

My, how that’s changed.

Because of her, I’ve been able to see how wonderful people are…how giving…how loving…how caring. I’ve been able to see the best in her classmates at school, in my friends, in my family, in the community, in the blogosphere. It’s truly amazing.

This past Sunday, I watched as 70 golfers headed out onto the course in Olivia’s honor to raise money for the 5p- Society. I sold 75 minigolf tickets to my friends and their kids who came out to support us. I gave away numerous silent auction items to friends, family and strangers who bid. I watched as Olivia announced the winners on the microphone at the dinner and giggled with delight.

Then I got home and watched as the total amount raised kept rising and rising until it reached…

$8,000 !!!

Little old me raised $8000. Can you believe it? But of course it wasn’t just little old me…it was all of the people I was talking about earlier who rallied around and helped either by donating money, items for the silent auction, sponsoring a hole, playing golf and donations. It took a village, truly, to do it and for that I feel so extremely lucky. I get to see the best in people most of the time and that is quite a gift to be given.

Speaking of lucky, the winner of my Stella & Dot necklace/bracelet giveaway is…

Debbi Henry!!

Congratulations, Debbi! Send me your address at and I’ll get it out to you right away!!


13 responses to “Lucky

  1. So happy for you, Tiff! You’re amazing.

  2. That is amazing Tiffany! Great job on raising $8000!

    Oh My Gosh! I can’t believe I won the necklace! Thank so much!!

  3. Congrats to you, Tiffany! A village may have helped, but you are the one who pulled it all together. What an awesome mom Olivia and both of your wonderful boys have.

  4. $8000! You go Girl!

  5. You have the knack. I know how hard it is to do fundraising (at least for me!), and you did such a great job! Well done.

  6. Woo Hoo!!! You rock girl!

  7. That is soooo awesome! You do rock!

  8. I’m with Gibby! You had this FABULOUS idea and you did all the leg work to put it all together. And because you are who you are we all wanted to come out and support you! I’m so very excited for you and all you accomplished this weekend!!!

  9. like!!!!!

  10. $8000!! That is phenomenal!

  11. Your vision, dedication and follow-through helped this happen – you are truly amazing!

  12. So happy your event was a success! You are a great mom for taking time to organize something like this to benefit the 5p society. Congratulations!

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