Why I’m Going Alone Next Year

I hope I haven’t bored you with all of my conference posts. There was just so much I wanted to say about the experience!

Finally, I want to share with you why I think I’m going by myself next year…or just taking my Mom.

Matt’s idea of torture is making small talk with people he doesn’t know. Or sitting in “learning” sessions all day long. He doesn’t feel the need to connect with other parents the way I do…so you can guess how much fun he had at the conference, right? He went to everything I asked him to with a smile on his face…but grudgingly for sure.

Gabe and Matthew had a good time. The sibling events were awesome and the boys enjoyed themselves. Even if I did have to “make” them go, they liked it by the time they returned and were glad they went. Alright, maybe I’ll take them next year.

Olivia does not enjoy herself at all. The amount of people at the conference overwhelmed her. The amount of people coming up and talking to her Mommy made her mad and uncomfortable. The noise level at the events made her shut down.

We spent much of the time like this.

The only time she was happy was when she was swimming. I was so excited for everyone to see her funny, loving personality…and then she was too overwhelmed to say much at all…or she just cried. I felt terrible, like I was torturing her. I know I like seeing the older kids, but I think Olivia may have to sit this out for a few years until she can handle it better.

All of those pictures I have of my friends and I? Those were taken after Matt took all the kids up to the hotel room and I stayed alone.

Next year the conference is in Ohio, only 2.5 hours away from me, so it will be easy for me to go it alone. I could go to all of the sessions I wanted, chat with the other Moms and not have to feel bad that Olivia was miserable.

I think that sounds like a plan. Don’t you?

And finally, without further ado, the winner of the greeting card giveaway is Kate J!! She’s a 5p- Mom too…so fitting that she win! Congratulations!!! Watch your email for info on how to claim your prize.

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11 responses to “Why I’m Going Alone Next Year

  1. I am so behind on your posts. I am definitely going to have to take the time soon to sit down and read back through them to hear all about your conference experience. How fun!

  2. I think your plan is a good one, Tiff. You’ll get more out of it if you can focus. However, I must say that you look gorgeous!!! in that picture.

  3. Wow! I won! Thank you, Tiffany! I know I will use these for the MANY thank you’s I send out to Janine’s “people”.
    I have enjoyed going to the Conference with just my husband (definitely could pay better attn.) and with kids – also very valuable experience for all of them. Janine got more out of going on an airplane and staying in a hotel room (with pool, of course!) than being in big rooms full of people. That photo of you and Olivia looks like our experience! That said, it is so very good to see the other 5P- kids. We’ll probably continue to do it both ways, alternately. Hope to get to OH next year!

  4. I love that picture of you both. You look beautiful. Sorry it was not so great for Olivia!

  5. Tiffany – I think it sounds like a great plan to go it alone – at least you will be able to compare both experiences! I have enjoyed hearing about the conference. 🙂 Please don’t count this as an entry – just a comment!

  6. You look so pretty in that picture! If I went to a conference, I’d probably bring a friend as I can be quite shy.

  7. I miss you lady! I love stella & dot stuff. I am glad my family was able to help sponsor a hole for Olivia’s Open! 🙂 xoxo

  8. Although I feel bad for Olivia, that is certainly a cute picture.

  9. Love the picture.

    Going alone sounds like a good plan.

  10. I finally found the time this morning (thanks to an unexpected bout of nausea that has left me laying on the couch) to catch up on all your conference blogs. I am so glad I did. I enjoyed reading about your experience and feeling the emotion of your words in a personal way after just having a similar experience of my own with other Hydro families. The diagnoses may be different for our children, but there is still so much I can relate to what you say and write.

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