One Year Old…and One on the Way

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If you can believe it, even though it was the end of March, there was an ice and snow storm the day She went in to have Little Man. You would think that since She had just had Baby Girl 13 months before, and She was being induced, She would have had a quick labor.

You’d be wrong.

She labored all day. Hard. No epidural this time either. If She could do it once, She could do it again. But man was She tired. And the labor was so intense and so painful She wasn’t sure how long She could take it. This time was already so different from the last time. Her own doctor would be delivering Little Man instead of one of the partners. She sure wasn’t crazy about the nurses She had this time either. She liked having the same nurse for the whole day with Baby Girl. After 11 hours of pitocin induced natural labor, She was ready to push.

Except the doctor was delivering five babies at that time so She’d have to wait.


She couldn’t wait! She was ready to push. She HAD to push. But as each contraction came and She felt the pressure of the universe coming from down there. She knew She wouldn’t make it that much longer before She was having this baby whether the doctors were ready or not.

20 minutes later, the doctor was there and She was ready. More than ready. To push this baby out. NOW.

The great part about having to wait 20 minutes to push? It only takes a few pushes to get the baby out.

In the midst of this crazy March ice storm, here he came. There was the head. His beautiful, bald head. The doctor told Her to wait before She pushed again because Little Man had some of the biggest shoulders she’d seen in a while. Doctor was going to have to work those puppies out one at a time…and slowly. So She did as She was told and out came Little Man. All 9 pounds and 22.5 inches of Her beautiful baby boy.

She held him tight moments after he was born and he looked at Her as though he had known her forever. He nursed right away and was very content. She was so in love and so relieved. He was healthy and fine. He was nursing!! His cry sounded like a typical baby cry…so loud compared to his sister’s!!

He was here…finally. She did it…again.

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4 responses to “One Year Old…and One on the Way

  1. Whatta tale!

  2. I’m loving your flashback series!

  3. It’s so funny because reading this makes it sound like it was a quick thing… out he came, there he was, easy as pie. We all know what the “labored all day” really means!

  4. When they have to wrestle shoulders out, you just know it’s a boy!

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