If you want your heart to melt, to have tears spring into your eyes, to feel so full of joy you could burst, you need to come to the next 5p- conference and watch the siblings with their brother or sister that has the syndrome.

I’ve never seen anything sweeter.

By the way, are you sick of me talking about how great the conference was yet? Hope not.

Anyway, back to the siblings. This was my favorite part of the conference, I think. I loved watching other kids with their siblings who are just as sweet as my boys are with Olivia. I watched a teenage boy help his teenage sister with CdC with her goggles and play Tinkerbell. I watched a teenage girl help her teenage sister with CdC get out of the pool to go get ready for a party. I watched siblings help without being asked, help with a smile on their face…but the best part was sensing the love between them. There was nothing there but love. I like to think that the conference is a great place for them all to be because, like I said in yesterday’s post, the kids with CdC are “normal” at the conference…that must be nice for the siblings too. I can also sense that they are their sibling’s fierce protectors.

There were several sibling outings planned that Gabe and Matthew went to. The first one they just played games and got to know each other. My boys reported that it was pretty fun. The second session only Gabe went to because Matthew wasn’t old enough. They had a psychologist there running games and asking the kids questions about their siblings. How great is that? Most of the kids agreed that it was great to have a sibling with CdC at Disney because you don’t have to wait in line. So very true!! The sibs also got to go to a go-cart park for the whole day on Saturday. You should have seen Gabe’s face light up when he found out about that one. I think it’s great that we, as a conference, devote so much time to the siblings. They deserve it, that’s for sure.

I’m sure there’s resentment…I’m sure sometimes they wish, just as we parents do at times, that their sibling was “normal”…I’m sure sometimes their siblings drive them crazy…but isn’t that the truth of most siblings? For me, I loved seeing the teenagers interact with their siblings. I always like to imagine Gabe and Matthew coming home from high school and wrestling with Olivia and making her laugh. It was nice to see that was a possibility…and the norm.

Just another reason why I’m so glad I got to go!!

In honor of my 5p- family, I’m having a giveaway today!! As you may or may not know, I am hosting a golf outing next weekend for the 5p- Society. You do not have to donate to win, but any donations would be greatly appreciated. You can click on the Chipin link below to donate easily.

I am giving away a Stella & Dot necklace!! My friend, Christine, sells the jewelry and graciously let me have a party as a fundraiser. Have you seen their stuff? It’s gorgeous and very high quality. We raised over $250 to sponsor a hole and lots of jewelry at the fundraiser!! One of my favorite items is this purty little necklace below. You could wear it, or your little girl could wear it! You can also wear it as a bracelet. How cool is that? I chose the charm that says “Faith” because you KNOW I would never make it through without that!!

To enter the giveaway, please leave me a comment!! If you’d like to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated as every little bit helps. Any tweets or FB entries or blog mentions about the giveaway and donations would be greatly appreciate but not necessary. Thank you so much!!

Giveaway ends August 11th at midnight!!


3 responses to “Siblings

  1. Nope not sick of the 5p- conference posts 🙂 I love the way you write from your heart and I bet you a million dollars that Gabe and Matthew will be as good as big brothers when they are (eek!) teenagers as they are now. You are so blessed.

  2. Keep these tidbits of the conference coming! Those of us who couldn’t be there need to have a visual of what things were like.

    PS. This post just made me want to reproduce.

  3. Thank you so much for writing this blog so honestly and thoughtfully. I hope your golf outing is wonderful!

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