Last Disney Day

After taking a break from the parks by going to Typhoon Lagoon yesterday, we spent our last Disney day at Epcot. Turns out it was Gabe’s favorite. I thought it would be their least favorite.

Who knew?

The highlight of the day had to be letting the boys get their faces painted. They couldn’t believe we said yes.

Gabe chose the “Tricky Troll”. He liked how goofy and strange it looked.

Matthew became a pirate. Is it bad that I kind of wanted him to keep that mustache?

Matthew’s been quite a chicken on this trip, but went on Test Track and Soarin’ just to prove that he wasn’t a total wuss when it came to the rides. He also provided (as usual) our comic relief at lunch. I think I have a future class clown on my hands.

Olivia was able to meet Jasmine and Aladdin. She’s sweet on him and was all a-twitter.

All three kids met Donald. The characters are one of the reasons why I love Disney so much. Olivia gets on the floor, they get on the floor. Olivia turns around, they turn around. It’s what makes it so special for us. Olivia kept turning around for the picture, so Donald turned around and started shaking his tushy. Too cute.

We visited France, Japan, Mexico and Canada…all in one day! The boys really liked the fun stops where they could make a mask and get stamps from each country. We had to put a time limit on Gabe’s art work though…we could have been there all day!!

Finally it was time to head back to the hotel for one last swim before we head to one more hotel for the national 5p- Conference. You can definitely tell we’re on vacation because we didn’t eat dinner until 9!

All in all, Disney has been a wonderful adventure. We can’t believe all that we were able to do in 6 days!! It truly is a magical place and I can’t wait to come back!


5 responses to “Last Disney Day

  1. The face paint is done so well. Glad the kids are having a good time. Has exhaustion set in yet?

  2. Next time, we’ll meet you there! 5p conference or not!

  3. I think you got more out of a trip to Disney than any family I’ve ever seen. Wonderful!

    Although I must admit that when I saw Donald, I was thinking, “How freaking hot must that guy in the duck suit be?”

  4. Wow – how could you not say yes to the face painting. The best I’ve ever seen!

  5. Boy I hope that face paint washed off because I’m a little bit scared.

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