SIMC goes to Disney World!

Unknown Mami

We’ve only been here for 2 days so far, but the enjoyment has been enough to fill an entire year.

We started off by battling Darth Vader…and experience I’m sure Gabe will never forget.

For Olivia, it’s like her dreams and fairy tales have come to life.

For the boys, it’s excitement at the rides and awe over the characters and the shows.

For me, it’s watching their faces light up and know they’ll never forget.

Olivia even got to meet her hero.

We saw Cinderella’s castle lit up at night…and the beautiful old-school electrical parade. Complete with Olivia’s favorite…Pinocchio.

So far, so magical. And we still have 4 more days left!!


20 responses to “SIMC goes to Disney World!

  1. I just love the wonder in Olivia’s expressions–she’s just drinking it all in. So cute.

  2. So jealous that you are at Disney! Fabulous pictures of all the expressions! Have a fantastic 4 more days!!!

  3. Every one looks like they are having a wonderful time. Wonderful collages.

  4. I love how you put the pics together… looks like you all are having a blast! Happy SIMC

  5. Olivia has never looked more beautiful than she does surrounded by the magic of Disney World!

  6. Great post! I haven’t been to Disney Work in literally 25 years or so! LOVE how you made the photo collages.

    Happy SIMC,

  7. Good job on capturing the moments. You’ll treasure them forever.

    Happy SIMC!

  8. Such wonderful family photos from the happiest place on earth. I hope you enjoy the magic in the rest if your stay xx

  9. I love that shot of Olivia sleeping. Oh, to be exhausted by the wonder of Disney World. I bet it’s the best sleep ever.

  10. I’m so happy for you guys. The joy is palpable.

  11. I love these pics! They speak volumes! VOLUMES!!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  12. And I agree with Kristen’s comment above! Amazing what magical characters will do for children!

  13. My daughter had the same feeling when we went to Disneyland. Simply magical.

  14. The pictures say it all. What an amazing adventure for your entire family! Olivia looks just like you when she’s standing next to Minnie – it’s your smile 100%! Glad you’re having such a magical journey!

  15. I have a smile on my face looking at all the fun you’re having! Enjoy!

    (P.S. I LOVE the way you posted those photos!)

  16. I will never forget going to Disneyland as a kid. It’s the quintessential childhood experience, and yet I haven’t passed it along to my own kids (yet), for fear of the lines (of all things)! Looks like they’re having the time of their lives!

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE the magic kingdom. There is something so freaking MAGICAL about it at night! I’m so glad your kids are enjoying it.

  18. Looks like everyone is having a great time. Yay!!!

  19. Great shots!! You are fulfilling one of my “Mom goals” – get my kid to Disney World.

  20. The facial expressions on all of you (but Olivia especially) are simply precious! Oh – you give me shivers. Love it that you are all having such a magical time!

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