It’s a Boy! A BOY?

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The months seemed to fly by as Her belly swelled to gargantuan proportions. I suppose it was only natural seeing as how it hadn’t even had a chance to recover from Baby Girl. She was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Her little bundle.

He went with Her to the 36 week appointment. Everything sounded great; She measured fine. The nurse had Her file in her hand. He said to Her “Is the baby’s sex in that folder? Are the results in that very folder?” She said She thought so.

Well He couldn’t stand it any longer…He had to know if They were having a boy or a girl. So even though They’d agreed to wait, He wanted to find out that very minute.

So They did.

It’s a BOY! the nurse declared.

A BOY!!! A boy? Wait…a boy?

She didn’t know what to do with a boy. She had a sister and a Mom and very little experience with boys. What on Earth was She going to do with a BOY?!? They were ecstatic though; they didn’t care if it was a boy or a girl as long as it was healthy. And preferably slept through the night.

Shortly after this appointment, Baby Girl got a terrible double ear infection and bronchitis. He got terribly sick too. She was living on very little sleep with a 9-months-along pregnant belly and now taking care of Her almost 1-year-old who was very ill and Her ill husband. She was exhausted and spent and wondering how on Earth She would cope when this little man arrived.

She ended up having to take Baby Girl to the hospital for tests including a chest x-ray. They had to put Baby Girl in what looked to Her like a torture chamber to take the x-ray. She was bawling. The x-ray techs assured Her that Baby Girl was fine. She just wanted to break out in cackling laughter that they thought this was why She was crying; She was crying because She was so exhausted and overwhelmed already…and was about to give birth.

She took Baby Girl home from the hospital and got her settled. He told Her that He needed his lesson plans dropped off at the neighbor’s house who worked with Him. He was so delirious with fever though that He couldn’t remember where this woman lived. So She took the lesson plans and Her almost full-term belly and walked up and down the street at 9 o’clock at night ringing doorbells until She found this woman and could deliver the lesson plans. Later that night She would erupt into uncontrollable laughter at this memory. How ridiculous Her life had become.

Five days before Her official due date She started having contractions. Not anything terrible, but still enough to make Her take notice. She called Her OB/GYN to let Her know and see if She should head to the hospital. The doctor asked if She wanted to be induced that day; the doctor was only on duty for that day and then she was on again for a week. She was so tired and so tired of being pregnant She jumped at this chance.

I’ll see you at the hospital in a few minutes, She said.

So off they went to have their Little Man.


4 responses to “It’s a Boy! A BOY?

  1. It always amazes me, the crazy times we survive when we have to. You certainly had a lot on your plate.

  2. Geesh, that sounds so incredibly wearing. But, a boy!!!

  3. I had the same reaction when I found out I was having a boy! Love these flashbacks, Tiffany!

  4. Oh goodness! So much, so much, so much! It just amazes me that as I’m reading this, you are in Disney enjoying life with your family of 5! You survived!

    I had to laugh at your wording: torture chamber. I totally know what that is and what it looks like and I wish I had been warned before bringing him in to take such an xray what it would all look like and be like for him. I cried behind the glass the first time thinking, “Just like torture.”

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