The Ocean

After 3 very busy, fun-filled, ridiculously hot days in DC, we headed down to Vero Beach, Florida. The kids hadn’t been to the ocean in 3 years…Matthew didn’t even remember ever going. Matt and I love the ocean.

It overwhelms me to stand on the beach and see the ocean and its vastness. How small we are in comparison. How this is only one ocean on the Earth and yet it seems to engulf the whole planet.

It’s so powerful that it scares me a bit. But I love it.

I love the sound of the waves crashing in harmony with my kids’ squeals of delight. I love the coolness of the water. I love watching Matt act like he’s a kid again when splashing in the waves. I love listening to Gabe talk about what he’s going to make with his shells when we get home.

We also have a lovely, bath-water-warm pool at the hotel that we’ve been lazing away in. Matthew has decided to go from being afraid to put his head in to swimming the whole length of the pool. Who knew? Makes me so happy though to see him not afraid. The other two? I think they’re mermaid tails fell off at birth.

And hearing Olivia say “hotel”? It may just be the sweetest sound on Earth. Between that and listening to her giggle as she runs full speed down the hotel hallway.

Her freckles make me smile; they’re just like mine used to be. Perfectly spread across her pert little nose. And she’s finally got her appetite back after her pneumonia. I love to see her empty plates. I suppose all that swimming in the ocean works up an appetite too. Oh and her feet in her pink gladiator sandals. I almost can’t stand it.

It’s a great couple of days to relax and recoup before heading to Disney…don’t you think?


13 responses to “The Ocean

  1. So adorable – love the chic shoes! Glad you are all having a great time! Enjoy.

  2. I love freckles. Looks like so much fun!

  3. GREAT photos! I had to scroll through several times to look at them all more than once šŸ™‚ Looks like LOTS of fun!!

  4. Great pics! I especially love the one of Olivia in the surf!

  5. I can appreciate that ocean view so much more since all my senses were drenched it just last week! Beautiful fun!

  6. These are such wonderful photographs! There’s just something magical about kids and the ocean. (I hope the rest of your vacation is as fantastic as this looks to have been.)

  7. okay….so i knew that you were on vacay….but i didn’t know where. and i SWEAR that i saw olivia sitting in a booth in panera bread in destin, florida (so it’s really funny to me now to see that you WERE in florida….just not in this part of it!). i was trying to figure out some non-stalkery way to see the other person in the booth (like i know what you look like or something) and then be all uncreepy when i said “hi!”. glad i didn’t though…because CLEARLY it wasn’t you guys šŸ˜‰ glad you enjoyed the beaches…..y’all clearly had an awesome time

  8. ugh….it annoys me that i used the word “clearly” two times that close to each other in my comment. sheesh.

  9. I love to stand on the beach and stare out at the ocean too. It brings a very calm and peaceful feeling.

  10. Nothing like the ocean… I live near the coast and love to jog on the beach. This page is an awesome example of how peaceful the ocean can be

  11. Love the pic of Matt? diving into the wave…great shot!!

  12. I was going to comment on the freckles too! Love summertime freckles, and, I agree, those feet in the sandals rock!

    Have a great time! We’re loving this!

  13. Enjoy your vacation. The pictures are lovely and I agree there is something about the vastness of the ocean that is amazing.

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