Surprise, Surprise

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So it turned out She really was pregnant. About 10 weeks along. Which meant that Her Baby Girl and this new child would be 13 months apart. Almost exactly 13 months apart.

What on Earth was She going to do?

She was barely used to being a mother, let alone a mother of a girl with special needs, let alone a mother of TWO????

They both spent many days with a “deer in the headlights” look in their eyes. Honestly, They’d been so crazy, grieving and sleep deprived how did this even happen?

Well, it did and now They’d have to make it work somehow.

To be honest, She was really embarrassed. What would people say when they found out She was pregnant again already? That She was a nympho? A horndog? Crazy? She didn’t want to tell anyone for fear of what they would think or say. She wanted to walk around wearing a t-shirt that read “I swear it was only once because I felt sorry for Him because it had been so long and I was sleep deprived!” Luckily it was summer and She could hide out at home and not have to tell anyone. They told their families, of course, and they simply shook their heads in disbelief but also with joy.

Another baby was going to be joining their family. Soon.

She went to Her first doctor’s appointment and scheduled an amnio. She wouldn’t do anything at all if the test results came back indicating an issue; but, if the fates were going to give Her another child with special needs 13 months after the first, then She needed to be prepared.

The amnio was really scary. The needle was ridiculously large and frightening. And She had to hold completely still the entire time. It was so nerve-wracking. Thank God her Mom was able to come with Her and hold Her hand. She really didn’t want the amnio, But She had to know whether or not everything was ok with this baby. She just wouldn’t be able to relax at all until She knew.

The amnio went just fine. Thank God. The results came back totally normal. Thank God.

They found out the sex of the baby with Baby Girl; this time they decided to wait and not find out until he or she was born. But could they really wait? They sure would try.

Before She knew it, summer was over and it was time to go back to work. Hopefully people would just think She was still fat from Baby Girl and wouldn’t realize She was pregnant right away. How was She going to tell people? She hadn’t even told people that there was anything “wrong” with Baby Girl…and now She was supposed to tell everyone She was pregnant again? And what would Her principal say when he found out She would be on maternity leave again? What would Her students say? The other teachers? How were they going to afford this? She felt Her head would explode with all of this.

About a month into the school year, She was walking down the hall when one of the older teachers looked at Her and asked “When are you going to tell us all that you’re pregnant again?” She was totally caught off guard.

I guess Her secret was out.

Everyone was much nicer about it than She expected. They were happy and excited for Her. No one made any nympho jokes or accused her of being a horndog. She also used it as an opportunity to tell people about Baby Girl; She segued into it by saying they were excited for Baby Girl to have a role model so close in age. It worked and She didn’t feel so awkward bringing it up. People were very supportive and kind and genuinely happy for Her.

People never ceased to amaze her. They were wonderful about Baby Girl; they were supportive about Her new baby. She was starting to get really excited for this new baby. This would be a good thing.

A very good thing.

Surprise, surprise.


6 responses to “Surprise, Surprise

  1. “What would people say when they found out She was pregnant again already? That She was a nympho? A horndog? Crazy?”

    This had me laughing out loud! You are so darn cute!

  2. horndog….who says these things?! 🙂

  3. I love that you were going to say that it was sympathy sex for your husband! LOL
    If I had a choice, I would have had another one that close to my daughter.

  4. People plan and God laughs – isn’t that the truth?

  5. I felt similarly when I found out that I was pregnant with my third child. I was barely recovered from the second one, and certainly hadn’t planned another, and got totally absorbed in what other people would think. No one freaked out the way I feared, either. I love it when people come through like that.

  6. My girls are 15 mo apart. Didn’t plan that. Had been gone for 2 weeks for job training (back in the day when we had a week in Maumee and then a week in DC). I love it though! Hard going through those early stages, but love it now! You are an incredible writer Tiffany. I am in awe of your kind, truly gifted with the ‘pen’ to depict true emotion, no matter how raw and real. Thank you for sharing your story!

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