You Don’t Know Everything

It’s Official….You don’t know everything about me!! But guess what? I’m going to the change that today because my girl over at Random Pockets of Chaos gave me an award and I have to tell you 10 things about myself that you don’t know. Thanks for the award, Alyson!!

1.) I am claustrophobic. I get freaked out in car washes especially. I can handle an elevator as long as it’s not too long of a ride.
2.) I have sensory issues. I don’t like wind in my face when we’re riding in a car or from a fan; people chewing drives me insane; I hear every little noise; certain textures and fabrics make me nuts; my husband teases me about it constantly.
3.) I was a bank teller throughout most of college. BO-RING!! (Sorry to any of you that may hold this job…maybe your branch is busier than mine was!) But it was really cool and awe-inspiring to be in the presence of that much money in the vault!!
4.) I looked like a boy until I was 13. I’m not talking tomboy either. I’m talking I would get yelled at by mothers for being in the wrong bathroom. Seriously. Gives a girl issues.
5.) I had my heart seriously broken in high school. Not so original there but still. Right in half. Might explain why I only had one serious boyfriend before Matt. That and looking like a boy until 13…but I digress.
6.) I’ve never done drugs. Not even a little pot. Too scary for me. Now wine? That’s a different story.
7.) I’m 5 feet 8 inches tall now and in 5th grade was 5 feet 6 inches tall. Everyone thought I was going to be a giant. Might also explain why people thought I looked like a boy and the no boyfriend thing. Plus my buzz-cut haircut. (Thanks, Mom! šŸ˜› )
8.) I am a celebrity nut. I love to read People and watch E! news and stuff like that. I know celebrities like most boys know sports teams. I think it came from going to my Grandma’s when I was little and reading all of her magazines. She subscribed to all of them.
9.) I was terrified of dogs until Matt and I got our first one. Seriously terrified. Even of little ones.
10.) I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books 6 times and the Twilight series 4 times. I think I’ve read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at least 15 times. These are the only books I’ve ever bought and re-read. I just love them.

Learn anything new? Hope so!! Now onto the fun part! I’m supposed to pass this on to 10 Beautiful Bloggers. I don’t want to leave anyone out, and there are a lot of blogs that I enjoy reading, so I’m going to give it to 10 of my “new” favorites that I’ve discovered. Enjoy and I hope you’ll go check them out!!

1.) Unknown Mami
2.) They Call Me Jane
3.) Far Side of Complexity
4.) 38 and Growing
5.) Brotherly Love
6.) Being Rudri
7.) Momalom
8.) Mayhem and Moxie
9.) The Henry Family
10.) Love That Max

Thanks again, Alyson, for the award. It made my day!!


12 responses to “You Don’t Know Everything

  1. I’m with you on #6 – never tried even a little bit.

  2. Oh, thank you so much for this honor! You just made my day!!

  3. you are quite welcome! i loved reading your list šŸ™‚ i am a closet people and e news fanatic too. it’s a shameful secret….but i just can’t help myself! and i LOOOOVE me some harry potter and twilight. i haven’t read the charlie and the chocolate factory books in a long time, but this may inspire me to dust them off and reread again! i do enjoy a good vermicious knid story šŸ™‚

  4. This was fun! I don’t think we tend to talk smuch olely about ourselves on our blogs so it was enjoyable to have a post where I got to learn more specifically about you.

  5. Cool!

  6. so I am not the only one who can hear EVERYTHING and who gets driven insane by people chewing?? and I am totally with you on #6 and #8

  7. I am so with you on the mouth noise deal. I hear everything and it makes me neurotic.
    I was a bank teller too.
    I hate having the windows down in the car cause it hurts my ears.

  8. I am also with you on the whole chewing thing! I’m also big on smells. I can smell everything. Also, big with the celebrities. People is my vice. I usually buy it with my groceries.

  9. These lists make me smile. There is so much US behind the words that OTHERS don’t know…and these little details really fill in the picture.

    Thanks so much for passing on the award!

  10. People chewing – oh my gosh, I can’t stand it. Totally with you on the celebrity thing – I love reading my literary books, but a People or US – sometimes perusing those takes the edge off. I loved my bank teller job – I did that while putting myself through college. I was amazed at the number of people who couldn’t balance their checkbook.

    Thanks for passing along the award!

  11. Thank you for the award. I enjoyed the bits of yourself that you shared.

    I too was a bank teller. Worst job I’ve ever had. I hated it.

    I have sensory issues too. I can hear every little noise that my husband makes with his mouth and I have to stop myself from saying anything because it’s my issue not his.

    I’m 5’10”. I’ve pretty much been that height since 6th grade.

  12. I learned so much about you reading this! And, I very humbly thank you for the award! Hmmm 10 new things about me….. Better get thinking on this one!

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