!!! in the midst of pneumonia

New to !!! ? Head over to Bad Mommy Moments or Momalom and check it out!!! Basically, it’s looking for the !!! moments in life in the midst of all the dreck! I don’t have my !!! cards yet, but you’ll get the idea.

Intentional Happiness

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So we’ve started off our summer with a nasty-almost-ended-her-in-the-hospital case of pneumonia for Olivia. If you can believe it, she’s never had this before. We’ve had scares and tried to avoid it like nothing else and managed until now. She’s been super miserable for about 12 days.


But you know what? Finding the !!! moments in the midst of pneumonia wasn’t as hard as you might think.

There was an iced coffee after a morning of doctor’s appointments and chest x-rays. Yum.

There was watching Olivia eat her favorite snack after days and days of living on air and water. The cute pjs and hair buns help too.

There was our “ice cream scoop” (Gabe named it and I think it’s perfect!) bush of hydrangeas that bloomed this week. They’re simply gorgeous.

There was this guy coming home from the first day of all-day Boy Scout camp sweaty, sun-kissed, and with a hint of marshmallow still on his chin.

There was this guy finally being freed from his fear of water and plunging right in.

There was dance camp for Olivia when she, luckily, started to feel better the day that it started. There was her too-big t-shirt made into a dress and sparkly pink headband too.

And, finally, there were these gems that I found while organizing all of my digital pictures. I thought these were cute at the time, but now I realize just how precious these pictures are to me.

First day of pre-school for Gabe and first bus ride.

Olivia in Matty’s chair after he was born.

Gabe and Olivia tinkling the ivories.

My artist in the making (Gabe) at age 3. And probably protesting his new brother.

OH and one more—ECLIPSE TONIGHT with two of my best buds!!

What !!! can you find this week??


7 responses to “!!! in the midst of pneumonia

  1. This is really magical! I’m so sorry Olivia went through such a rough week… and so did you! We MUST find the !!! in our days! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. hkay is doing dance camp this summer so i am loving the pics of olivia at hers!

    and those nostalgic photos you came across….loves. especially the preschool bus (sob, cry, sob some more) and your little “artist”!

  3. Love all of your !!! and photos. The naked pianist is too cute.

  4. Someday Gabe will be mortified that you posted the naked pianist pic and the naked artist pic, but his wife will love it!

  5. Pneumonia stinks, but all of the other things were definite !!!. Good for you for finding them in the midst of turmoil.

  6. Oh I totally adore the ice cream scoop of hydrangeas. That was my wedding flower and since I celebrated an anniversary this week it definitely strikes a chord.

    I’ve recently been enamored by old photographs. I scroll through them time and time again, pausing on my favorites as if I’ve never seen them before, and sucking up all of the joy my children bring to this life.


  7. You have totally inspired me to look through old photos. I don’t think we have any naked pianists, but something tells me I’ll be up all night, sighing with !!!

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