My Boys

I can see into your souls and they are bright yellow, full of sunshine, energy and happiness.

You radiate caring, loving and kindness from your pours.

You wrestle like puppies, you make each other laugh, you fight, you argue, you are brothers.

You are so much alike and yet so different at the same time. I have no doubt you will be best friends for life.

You’re friends with each other, you look out for each other, you love each other.

I feel as though you were chosen just for us. Because we needed you both, we needed your light, we needed your way in which you interact with the world.

I think you’ve been here before, I really do. You get the world and understand how the world works when sometimes I don’t even understand it. You have a maturity that is way beyond your young years.

When I watch you do anything — play Legos, Wii, baseball, jump on the trampoline — I am sure that at any moment my heart will burst with happiness, love and pride.

You love me, you love your Dad, you love and adore your big sister.

You’re there for her now and you’ll be there for her forever. For that I will be forever grateful.

I’m not sure why I was lucky enough to receive you, but every day of my life I am so very thankful that I was chosen to be your mother.


10 responses to “My Boys

  1. Great post. Don’t forget your boys are blessed to have you for a mommy as well.

  2. This is such a great post! I wish I could give my daughter a sibling to count on for life. But we will just have to do that for each other instead!.

  3. You were lucky enough to receive them because they were lucky enough to receive you.

    I’m sure they think you are pretty swell too.

  4. You suceeded in making me cry : ) I feel the same way about my boy!! Such great boys you have!!!

  5. You know Tiff, I believe that about ‘being here before’ as well. We should go get coffee and discuss our theories. I can tell you a little about the book I hope to write some day.

    It goes along with my theory of interconnectedness.

  6. so sweet….makes me wish that chandler had a brother. if it were solely up to me, we’d at least give it a try!

  7. If this were a facebook status I would give it a thumbs up!! I like it!

  8. Very sweet! Great family!

  9. Beautiful!

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