I’m Getting Wiser

Up until this summer, I never slept in. Ever. Did you remember that I’m a teacher? That for the past 12 years (minus the years when I had little babies and was up anyway) I could have slept in for 3 months out of the year? But no, not me. I’d still get up at 5:15 and head to the gym like I do every day. I’d work out and be home by seven. To a quiet house. With nothing going on for the rest of the day except the usual summer stuff of going to the pool, playing catch, making lunch and dinner.

There was no reason why I needed to get up that early.

I think I felt like the world would collapse if I got out of my routine. I’m a very schedule/routine oriented girl and the thought of not following my usual routine would make me crazy. But this summer I decided to try it. I suppose your laughing at me right now because what teacher married to a teacher would get up at the crack of dawn every day when you could sleep in with your spouse every morning and be lazy? Well, gulp, me.

Until now.

I’ve slept in every day. Matt and I have stayed up late watching movies or reading out on the porch. We sleep in until we wake up and then have a relaxing morning of breakfast, coffee and reading before getting on with the day. It’s been wonderful. It’s been so relaxing. And I have so much more energy. When I get to my workout later in the day, it feels good because I’m well-rested. When the boys want to play catch or jump on the trampoline after dinner, I’m ready instead of exhausted. The world didn’t collapse or stop turning either. It’s been a really good feeling to try something new and out of my comfort zone.

I’m getting wiser in my old age…and I’m loving it.


11 responses to “I’m Getting Wiser

  1. You know the saying the grass is always greener on the other side? Well, I’m the opposite. While I wouldn’t say I “sleep in” every day, I do usually sleep until I wake up, which is 6:00. Sleeping til 7:00 is a sleep-in for me. Anyways, usually Kaia is up too so I let her watch tv while I have my coffee and check my email and blogs. Mornings are “my” time since I don’t have any other time in the day for me. I used to go running in the mornings before anyone got up, but once school started I would go during the days when they were all at school. Since school is ending I need to go in the mornings again but I’m having a hard time dragging myself out the door to go. Not because I’m not awake, just because I’m lazy! ugh.

    And thanks for the b-day wishes for Kaia. Not sure why the comments weren’t working for you. Stupid blogger.

  2. Hospital visits, pregnancy, and a recovering toddler has left me with no schedule whatsoever. In fact, I might go back to sleep this morning if Cayman will let me. šŸ™‚ That would be nice!!

    I adore your wisdom.

  3. Hubby and I are also teachers off for the summer. If we could, we most definitely would sleep in, at least a little, but right now we are lucky if it’s 7:30 when little one gets up wailing. I remember the days pre-kids when we’d stay up til 3 watching movies and sleep til 11!!!

  4. I completely understand the need to cling to routine. I am an early morning exerciser and if I don’t get it in for whatever reason, I feel like my whole day is shot. Over the years, I’ve learned to be more flexible and not get upset when something in my life doesn’t go according to schedule, but it is a conscious effort.

    I am glad you and your husband are enjoying movie nights and sleeping in…

  5. That sounds like a GREAT idea! I can’t wait until my kids are a little older so that I can try it too. (I’m hoping they’ll feel inspired to sleep in…any chance of that, you think?)

  6. Well-rested is so important!

  7. I am NOT a morning person, so summer sleep-ins are my favorite! Plus, both of my girls have been sleeping until past 8 and even then stay in their beds and read so I am super happy!

  8. I think teachers are routine-oriented by nature. We’re always watching the clock and waiting for a bell. Up until last year, I was dead-set on getting my little guy on “schedule” of some sort (HA! Try THAT when you have night-time issues!) It left me feeling angry and somewhat lost when it didn’t work out the way I wanted. So, I tossed my rules out the window, and now, I get up when I get up (because I’m still not back at work, mind you) and I go to bed when I go to bed. We have strange hours, yes, but I don’t feel stressed in the morning about doing or being somewhere. Sometimes, I pull my little guy into the bed with me and I say aloud, “Aren’t we lucky we can snuggle in the morning while everyone else is off at work!”

    I think you’re truly wise. Enjoy!

  9. Wow! Good for you to give something new a try. And sleep is really recouperative, so getting more of it is so good for you! Hard to believe that doing something good for your body can be so relaxing, eh?

    Just hopping by from SITS. Have a great day!

  10. Woohoo for you!!! I get to do that more often now that Eli can occupy himself with his Legos in the mornings – it makes getting up so much easier! Glad you took a leap out of your comfort zone:)

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