Mommy Tip Monday — Your Own Toolbox

**Do you have an excellent idea that would make a great Mommy Tip? Send it my way and I’ll put it here!**

My friend from work, Brandy, who just recently started her own blog, Bits from Brandy, submitted this tip to me: Get your own toolbox!!

Why on Earth would I need my own toolbox, you say? My husband does most of the fix-it stuff around the house! That would have been my response anyway. That is until I recently started redoing my laundry/mud room.

I needed a screwdriver…where was it? Matt was at work and the garage was a mess. I couldn’t find one anywhere. I needed a hammer. Some pliers. A wrench. Because Matt was gone and the garage was in disarray, I was at a loss and really frustrated. Even if the garage was clean and organized, it would have been organized in a way that made sense to Matt, not me.

Brandy’s tip came along at a perfect time when it made total sense why I needed my own toolbox. That way when I’m working on my own little projects I won’t have to text him 30 times to ask him where things are in the garage. I can get out my own little box and work away.

Thanks for the great tip, Brandy!!


4 responses to “Mommy Tip Monday — Your Own Toolbox

  1. Yay! Thanks for the shout out. My toolbox is the official in the house toolbox. Now if I can just get my husband to put his tools back in the box when he’s finished with them. I hope you enjoy your toolbox. I love mine–especially my staple gun because I use it to refurbish my kitchen chairs!

  2. Yes! I have a tool box myself…. only not pink and so pretty-looking… but still does the job! Good tip! If they make one small enough, I’d carry one in my purse!

  3. Does it come with a pictorial because I’m not even sure what some of these tools are called – let alone what they are used for!

  4. I bought my own screw driver and hammer and hid in in various places in the kitchen, hoping my husband would never find it. But, invariably, he would and I’d never see it again. So, I’m adding something to that wonderful tip of getting your own toolbox….get really “girly” tools to put in it. I found a bright pink hammer and a screwdriver with a floral design. And guess what? My tools are always where I put them. (He wouldn’t be caught dead with a pink hammer!)

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