It’s Official…She’s a Panther!!

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It’s Official…Olivia’s a Panther!!

Last year Olivia played challenger league baseball…and hated it. (And right now I’m really mad b/c I can’t find the post from last year….probably due to switching blog hosts…grrr…) She cried the entire first game and at the beginning of a few of the others. She never really seemed to be gung-ho about the whole thing…but we made her do it anyway.

Well guess who showed us this year??? Miss Olivia!!! She was so excited to play! She even tried hitting by herself…although poor girl’s baby biceps aren’t strong enough to hold the bat!!

She went up every time it was her turn to bat all by herself with no extra prodding. She’d hit and then run. Just like that.

And she’d stay on the bases with Matt…then run to the next one just like she was supposed to. It was amazing. I was still getting teary making these collages. Watching her being so grown up…and watching her with Matt too. The two of them together makes my heart feel like it’s too big for my chest.

I usually play with Olivia but I asked Matt to do it this time so I could get pictures. But the real reason? I love to watch him with her. It’s so hot…like ridiculously hot. I know his forearms don’t have tattoos (Lindy and Ck!) but they’re still big and strong and wrapped around his little girl. That’s hot.

And then there’s this. There are no words for how hot this is. And when you’re “taking pictures” you can be distracted by it’s greatness throughout the whole game. Sigh.

Finally there comes a point in the game where she’s whooped. It’s hot, she’s tired. She’s D-O-N-E! I think I’m going to have the back of her shirt say “Dust Angel” next year. Whattya think?

I just never cease to be amazed by her. Or the amount of bathing and laundry she requires. But it’s worth it.


13 responses to “It’s Official…She’s a Panther!!

  1. Its Official… You crack me up. Yes your hubby is a hottie! hee hee mine is too 😉

    What a great day you had at the ball park. I can imagine how proud you are of you little girl.

    I can’t wait until Riley is big enough to play ball. For now we enjoy Rex and his first year of coach pitch.

    I’m going to play along with its official… stop by and say hi.

  2. LOL. You are so funny. I want to know what Matt thinks of his hindquarters appearing on your blog as so. 🙂

    It was fun looking at Olivia’s baseball pictures and seeing her having a blast!

  3. OMG – I saw the pic where his arm was around her, pointing to, presumably, the next base and I thought “damn…that’s hot.” HA! Apparently you thought so too!! 🙂

    Love the close-up’s of his butt. 😉

  4. Yes. I can see what you mean about the hotness thing!!!

    I love the last shots of Olivia on the ground… tells so much about how hard she tries!

  5. Exactly what Lindy said! HOT!

    And you definitely should put Dust Angel on her shirt next year!

  6. HOT and worth it. I love this.

    What great parents. What a great kid.

  7. I cannot wait for my baby girl to play ball! YAY for Olivia, i”m so glad she likes it this year : )

    Totally hot!!!!

  8. You’re so funny, but yes, Matt is hot!!! Nice pics, did you use that zoom lens you love or did you just get really close because you were so turned on, LOL??

    I remember that post from last year and yay to Olivia for growing so much! I’m so proud of her!

  9. That would be weird for me to say that he’s hot 😉

    But what an amazing dad, I’m honored to know so many

  10. I smiled about this post for many reasons…First, that Olivia is playing again and smiling as she does so. Second, that she has an awesome dad who even has a “cute” backside. Third, that she has an terrific coach helping her! Deb is tremendous and reminds me a lot of you Tif! This is an all around wonderful post and for wonderful reasons!

  11. Looking at these photos after reading the blog that followed this one, has left me with tears in my eyes.

  12. 1st, Yeah Olivia!!
    2nd, does he have a single brother!
    You crack me up!

  13. Yay to Olivia! Each year is amazing, no? And yes, Matt is hot! But, what’s even better is that you took and POSTED the pic of his backside. Nice!

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