Mommy Tip Wednesday

Well, I missed posting my Mommy Tip on Monday. I was taking a break from the computer, ok? Everyone needs a break once in a while, right? Even Elastamom?

Please forgive me.

As school is coming to a close and summer’s here, why not celebrate? The kids (and you) have worked really hard this year!! Every year on the last day of school, we have a little celebration over here at Elastamom’s house. (We do one at the start of the school year too…but you’ll have to wait until August for that!)

First we start by drawing messages to the big kids on the sidewalk. It’s simple, but they love it.

Then we set up a finish line in the driveway. On one side is their current grade…on the other side is their next grade. Or you can put “Finish” and “Summer”…or whatever you want. Hard to believe this year it will read “2nd” and “3rd”. And let’s not even think about next year when Matty’s will read “Pre-school” and “Kindergarten”. I can’t go there.

You have to have balloons….and a yummy snack…maybe something special to drink like Kool-aid or pop…and you always have to have bubbles…water fun…maybe some new sand for the box…or new backyard toys…and big hugs and high fives.

This year there may even be some sparklers and those fireworks you throw at the ground and they snap. And crazy straws. And a new journal to write in about all of your summer adventures.

Somehow this just ends the year in a perfect way and gets everyone excited for summer!! Plus, you can bask in the glow of being the coolest mom on the block. If you’re into that…I may or may not be. Ahem.

If you have a little party, let me know how it goes!!


5 responses to “Mommy Tip Wednesday

  1. How sweet of you! I bet they can’t wait to celebrate.

  2. You are the coolest mom on the block for sure! These are things your kids are going to be remembering about and loving when they are older with their own kids 🙂

    Yay for school being out for summer soon too!!!!!

  3. That is such a cute idea!

    I loved your comment on the blog today! 🙂

  4. Great idea. Love the pics. I know my daughter would absolutely love the bubbles, the sparklers, and the treats.

  5. Yes, even Elastamom deserves a break.

    I love this idea. My sonny-bunny finished kindergarten today! How does it happen so fast???

    Happy Summer!

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