Summertime—Tuesday Tunes

My kids only have 6 more days of school…Matt only has 4…so it’s starting to feel a lot like summer…

We’ve already ran in the sprinkler…

…and had root beer floats after school…

…and a day of yes

…and swam in the neighborhood pool…

….and at the lake…

…and pretty soon it will be days filled with swimming lessons, camp, staying up late, doing whatever we want. And we can’t wait.

We decided to make a list of “must dos” this summer…so without further ado…

***swim as much as possible***craft day once a week***cedar point***write in our journals***read as many books as possible***minigolf***regular golf***watch a movie outside***Grampa’s Lake***Ma and Pa’s lake***fish***ride bikes***ice cream***catch fireflies***make smores***popsicles***redo the laundry room***garage sale***take naps***play!

Those are just a few of the things on our list…but really, is there anything more to summer than that? And before you dis my summer song…The Fresh Prince was huge in the late 80’s early 90’s when I was a teenager. He was rad, ok? This song will forever remind me of summer fun!!


17 responses to “Summertime—Tuesday Tunes

  1. We’ve got 2 weeks left until Summer vacation and I’m terrified. 🙂

  2. My brother is a huge fan of Will Smith and that most certainly includes Fresh Prince. It’s why whenever I see or hear it I think of him. You won’t find me dissing it unless I’m just trying to be a pesky sister by annoying him about it. 🙂

    I love your summer list.

  3. We still have 4 weeks left of school. I can’t wait! Everyone thinks I’m nuts but I’m tired of the school routine. I just want to get up when I want and leave the house on my own accord, not according to a school schedule. The weather here has been incredible so I’m looking forward to a well-deserved HOT & SUNNY summer!

  4. Chuckles only has 2 days left and Poonch has 3 (but her last day is only an hour, so silly). I’m so happy! I know a lot of moms dread summer, but I love the lazy mornings, NO homework, and the sun. Woo hoo! Here’s to a great summer!

  5. My kids are already school-free. I think our summer to-do list looks an awful lot like yours!

  6. I remember when this song came out! They played the video after a Fresh Prince episode. This takes me back!

    Sounds like you have some good plans for summer! I am still trying to make our plans.

  7. My daughter has been out of school for two weeks. We have been indulging and she loves it.

    Fresh Prince will always be funny to me and my husband and I don’t change the channel when the reruns come on.

  8. I’m excited for summer this year. Our schedule doesn’t change much because we aren’t teachers but its just so relaxed and the boys can stay up and we don’t have to worry about being crabby at school. Love it!

    I’m jealous that you have warm enough weather to go to the lake and swim already. It hasn’t stopped raining in a week. YUCK I’d take some sunshine to get the summer started.

  9. Ok. Were we born under the same sign or something? We ARE in sync! I made a list just like this and stuck it in my planner. Each week the boys and I sit down and plan. Except we have Six Flags instead of Cedar Point on our list, it’s very, very similar!

  10. I love “naps” on your list. And… I like the idea of this type of fun list. Good thinkin’!

    P.S. Nothing wrong with this song. Nothing. *wink*

  11. I LOVE that song! Listen to it on the old iPod all of the time! Stopping by to share some SITS love!

    xo Erin

  12. I love everything on the list except for real golf — I’ve never played but I do love miniature golf!
    Here’s to a great summer!

  13. That’s a GREAT summertime list! A few have to do’s and a TON of wanna do’s:) We’re shooting for a similar list – complete with lot’s of campfires and s’mores:)

    Oh, and Fresh Prince is da bomb!!! Loved him then and still love him as Will Smith:)

  14. You forgot Friends on that list my friend 😉

  15. Oh, how this post sent my heart all a flutter! Reading about all the fun summer activities has me SO excited. School gets out here on the 11th and we can’t wait! We have two big vacations planned….swim lessons….bike rides….going down to the river….late nights rocking on the front porch….

    It will be heavenly.

    Can’t wait to read all about your summer adventures as they come 🙂

  16. Just the thought of root beer floats makes me smile.

  17. I really need to come see you! Your summer plans sound awesome!

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