It’s Official…I said yes

It’s Official…we had our first yes day yesterday! Remember when Momalom had their Yes! day? And CK’s awesome post about yes? And my post last week about Yes! day? Well, we did it.

I didn’t plan on it being yes day; I was going to wait until Saturday. But it was just one of those days where the opportunity presented itself…and I just couldn’t say no.

Yes, Matty, I will get you a Shrek happy meal to take to your end of pre-school picnic.

Yes, Matty, you can take a midday bath before your nap. (It’s 90 degrees for goodness sakes…and we were just at a park for your picnic!)

Yes, Gabe, you can have a friend over after school.

Yes, Gabe, you can borrow 3 weeks of allowance to buy that new Webkinz so you can match your 2 best buddies on stuffed animal day on Friday.

Yes, Olivia, you can watch TV in your room for a little while even though it’s a beautiful day outside. You’re “whooped” as you say; I get it.

Yes, Olivia, Grandma is here to take you to horseback riding. Yes, I’m sure you can have pancakes and take a bath at her house.

Yes, Gabe, your friend can stay for dinner.

Yes, Matty, you can have a friend over too.

Yes, boys, I’ll turn on the sprinkler so it hits the trampoline. Yes, you can put dish soap on it to make it slippery.

Yes, I hear the ice cream truck. Yes, I have cash for once. Yes, you can all get something.

Yes, I will jump on the trampoline with you.

Yes, Daddy will jump too.

Yes, Honey, I will have a margarita…or two.

Yes, Honey, I will have Cold Stone with you after the kids go to bed.

Yes day isn’t just for kids you know!!

It was awesome. No one fought. No one whined. I’m so glad I said yes. And I plan on doing it again soon!!


13 responses to “It’s Official…I said yes

  1. Sounds like such a fun day!
    Wonder how many “yes” days it’ll take before you’re saying yes more often without even thinking about it… Also wonder whether saying yes more helps kids understand when no really needs to mean no…

  2. Wow! It sounds both fun and exhausting. I think that I will have to have a yes day. Good for you!!!

  3. I love that he got a pay advance on his allowance. That’s awesome!

  4. Sounds like a fun day, but an exhausting one as well! Thank goodness for that margarita!

  5. Wow what a great day! I love the part where mom and dad get to say yes too. I’m sure your hubby took full advantage of Yes day 😉

  6. I read your first post about the idea of saying “yes”. Very glad that it worked so well for you. I’m going to give it more consideration but I can’t imagine how many cookies my kids would eat or how much ice cream I’d eat. LOL!


    I feel a “yes” day coming on too!

  8. Love this…I feel a yes day coming my way…these days it’s usually myself that I say no to…maybe yes could actually mean a spa day! Thanks for the inspiration to say yes over the next few days.

  9. OMG to the soap on the tramp. I will never let my daughter see this post. EVER! 🙂

  10. Great to hear this! I am getting inspired for my own yes day. Just have to work up the nerve.

  11. Love it! I’ll have to try this one day too!

  12. So cool – glad the day worked out so well (for everyone!) Yes to cold stone is an idea I can get behind! 🙂

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