Last Saturday my friend Crystal let me borrow her zoom lens for my Canon Rebel…and now all I can do is dream about having one of my own…

When I’m watching the boys play soccer, I’m so far away even right on the sidelines. But with the lens, I was able to get shots like these…

Doesn’t it look like I’m standing right there?

I felt like I could capture those moments that make playing sports so awesome…

And be able to show the boys what a great job they did…whether saving a goal…

Or making a goal!

But at least I don’t need a zoom lens to get a great picture of this little gal. She’s always right by my side cheering on her brothers.


13 responses to “Dreaming

  1. I have that lens! But I rarely bring it along because it’s so big. Maybe I should use it more. Want to come here and borrow it?? (ie, borrow the lens, get some dinner, have a glass of wine…)

  2. P.S. Great shots, but then again your subject matter is adorable.

  3. i loved my canon rebel….and i loved borrowing cool lenses to use with it!

    such good action shots of your boys!

  4. I am so jealous of that lens. All my son’s soccer pics look like I am a mile away.

    Your family is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I’m beginning to think I’ll never be a real blogger if I continue to use my crappy point-and-shoot

  6. SO jealous. I want a better camera!

  7. Such great pics. You have inspired me to upgrade to a better camera. Your family is lovely.

  8. Great pictures! I have just the opposite effect with my camera. There were 3 of the biggest Elk I have ever seen in my life no more than 10 ft in front of me yesterday and when I took a picture, they looked like they were 20 miles away. So mad!

  9. Can I get in on the dinner party you and Gibby are going to have?

    I don’t have a zoom lens I can contribute but I’ll bring wine!

  10. I have lens envy! My 35 mm had lots of fun lenses but since I’ve moved to digital (and unable to afford the really snazzy cameras) I have lens envy. Boy, I miss my old camera.

  11. don’t know where we’d be without the Canon Rebel! We have the zoom lens and don’t use it nearly as often as we should! We’ll have to break it out tomorrow night for Eli’s 1st t-ball game!

  12. I think you need to get a zoom lens of your own. I need to gt a Canon Rebel. All I have is a point and shoot.

  13. Our camera broke a couple days ago and I’m hanging onto the hope that family members will buy us a super nice camera. I’d think that seeing beautiful pictures of their grandkids would be enough of a reason.


    I can dream, right??

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